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Artificial Grass Vs Real Grass

Artificial Grass Vs Real Grass

1-Simulate the real grass,with excellent color fastness and bright color. 2- Good drainage performance, low friction, and-UV properties; 3- High wear resistance, which can effectively improve the space 4- Simple pavement, inexpensive maintenance; 5- Applicable to a variety of climate, useable in all-weather condition Artificial grass is more and more popular in residential and sports field. Silverstone artificial grass can be customized to be appropriate for landscaping, airports, swimming pool surrounds as well as the roof decoration. Artificial grass for is hot sale because of dramatic improvement in the quality and variety of available synthetic grass.

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1.Substantily enhance the fabric glue capacity, make the artificial grass more hard.

2.Make the grass more bigger in adhesion and tensile strength.


Product use:

For artificial grass carpet fabric backing, instead of traditional single-layer PP backing.


Installation process

•Prepare and test the base ground: 

Inspect the foundation to ensure it has a flat and smooth surface and appropriate slopes, making sure the foundation is qualified for installing artificial grass mini soccer artificial football grass price.

•Measuring line: 

Locate the centers of the ground and the two semicircles, and according to these three centers locate the intersecting point of half-way lines and touchlines, and then determine the positions of functional lines and spot by using Pythagorean proposition.

•Prepare turf roll:

According to drawing, position the turf rolls on the exact places along the touchline. 

•Cutting the edge:

Cut white turf piece into strips(width to be as per actual need) for white functional lines(half-way lines, base lines etc.), and put them aside preparing for installation.

•Cutting white line: 

Measure and re-position the white line on the turf that has been all well joined on the ground. Cut the turf out and place the seam tape beneath the cuts.

•Infill rubber granules:

After sand infilling, Place the rubber granules piles on the lawn on different spots evenly at a distance of 4m from each other, then spread them evenly on the lawn(the quantity of sand depends on the pile height of the turf). Afterwards, use the combing machine to sweep the sand into the fibers and to comb up the fibers. Do this process once longitudinally and transversely.


To brush the grass in the vertical and horizontal one time by the grass-brushing machine

•Check and Acceptance: 

Inspect the entire finished lawn as per concerned standards and requirement. If any defects found, correct it.

•Acceptance: cooperate to check and accept

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 1. SKY Sports's non-infill sports artificial grass has been widely used in the US market. More than one site has been installed our  products.

 2.  With the fast installation and a 10-12 years warranty, SKY Sportsnon-infill artificial turf not only ensure the athletic performance but also saves the cost for our customers.

 3. Without rubber odour or heavy metal pollution, it is ecologically sound and environmentally friendly. Most importantly,it does no harm to human beings.


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