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Problems With Artificial Grass

landscape artificial grass. 1-Simulate the real grass,with excellent color fastness and bright color. 2- Good drainage performance, low friction, and-UV properties; 3- High wear resistance, which can effectively improve the space 4- Simple pavement, inexpensive maintenance; 5- Applicable to a variety of climate, useable in all-weather condition Artificial grass is more and more popular in residential and sports field. Silverstone artificial grass can be customized to be appropriate for landscaping, airports, swimming pool surrounds as well as the roof decoration. Artificial grass for is hot sale because of dramatic improvement in the quality and variety of available synthetic grass.

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All-weather : 
      It is completely free from the impact of climate, greatly improving the efficient use of space, and it can be used in some extreme climate for example low and high temperature .

Evergreen of artificial grass: 
      The artificial lawn can still make you feel like spring when natural grass goes into dormancy.

Environmental protection:
      The whole materials are in keeping with the demands of environmental protection and the turf surface layer is recyclable.

      Artificial lawn produced bases on the principle of bionics, its good elasticity and comfort with no direction and hardness makes users aware little difference from natural grass.

      It is not easy to fade and durable, especially applied to primary and secondary schools' grounds where use high frequently.

      It is simple and convenient to construction and can be laid in asphalt, concrete and hard battle , with little maintenance costs indeed.

You could choose many different packing ways, in rolls by PP bag,in pieces by woden case, in small rolls by films,etcs.





Packing & Delivery


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problems with artificial grass

1, Maintain care,such as rubbishes treatment, the weights pressure...

2, material quality, rececle material can be solved.


1,How many square meters can be loaded in one 20GP and 40GP and MOQ?

Different type and specifications of synthetic grass for futsal,the volumn is not the same,usually for 50mm football grass,about 4000sqms can be loaded in one 20GP,about 7000sqms can be loaded in one 40GP.
The MOQ is 100SQM

2,How many kinds of artificial grass can you provide?

We can provide synthetic grass for futsal ,landscaping projects of school and commercial use,

artifical grass for gateball,basketball,badminton,hockey,gold puttting fields and other multi-function playgrounds.

3,How many years warranty I can get ?

Normally for landscaping grass 8 years warranty ,we will take care of any problems during the warranty . We accept one month return if there is any quality problems .

4,Is it difficult to install artificial grass?

Is quite easy.



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