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A low carbon wind or a material revolution will be triggered by a silicon PU material
- Jan 05, 2018 -

A low carbon wind or a material revolution will be triggered by a silicon PU material


Will the low-carbon economy of the "fourth industrial revolution" bring new development opportunities to the sporting goods industry?

"Low-carbon" is a concept?

No, our enterprises have such business opportunities in research and development, selection and process improvement



From the earliest wooden rackets to the metal rackets of the 1960s to the later carbon fibre tennis rackets.

The use of new materials constantly promotes the technical innovation of sports.

We have been a follower of this innovation.

The transformation of materials triggered by the low-carbon economy will transform China's sporting goods industry from a follower to a front-runner.


In April, guangdong changhe group made a formal application for the application of silicon PU as a professional course material for the international basketball federation.

This application, if passed, will be the first time that a new material created by the Chinese has become a professional stadium material approved by the international sports agency.

Previously, the widely used acrylate and polyurethane (PU) were the synthetic materials invented by europeans and americans.


In 2003, the "long river man" research and development, 2005 launch, 2006 won the national "utility model patent certificate" silicon PU, in the sports ground construction will lift a material revolution.

"Polyurethane is volatile and harmful gases, and acrylates are weak and easy to fall off.


The silicon PU overcomes the weakness of the two, except for the excellent performance of the movement, the outstanding advantage is environmental protection, easy maintenance.

Zhao wenhai, chairman of changhe group, told reporters that there are no environmental indicators for international sports tests, but they have passed the "national indoor decoration materials hazardous materials limit" test.

With the advantages of new materials research and development, the annual output value of the "long river" silicon PU alone is 160 million yuan.


Silicon PU court material (LH320) is a new generation course material developed on the basis of PU court materials.

The material is polyurethane (PU) materials and contain silicone composition of materials science in compound, produced by the material used in the field on the surface, fundamentally solves the PU stadium in professional performance, environmental construction, the service life, the lack of routine maintenance, etc, the revolutionary innovation performance, is replace a two-component PU of a new generation of environmental protection products.