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Artificial turf maintenance and conservation of the correct method
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Keep it clean

1, keep the venue clean

2, erected in the lawn "no smoking" logo

3, motor vehicles and heavy objects do not enter the sports grounds

4, reduce the frequency of cleaning, to avoid sweeping at high temperature

5, set up enough trash

6, control the use of the venue

7, a small damage timely repair

Stain removal:

1, fruit juice, milk, ice cream, blood stains and other "watery" stains, first scrub with soap and water, then rinse thoroughly with water and soapy place; if necessary, with a strong suction towel dry.

2, shoe polish, sunscreen oil, ballpoint pen oil, sponge dipped in perchlorethylene wipe, with a strong suction towel dry.

3, paraffin, asphalt and asphalt, hard to wipe or sponge dipped in perchlorethylene wipe.

4, nail polish, available acetone wipe.

5, paint, paint, etc., available turpentine or paint remover and water decontamination. Then rinse the cleaner with cold water and wipe it hard with a sponge dipped in perchlorethylene.

6, chewing gum, available freon injection into small pieces and then remove the residue.

7, fungal or moldy, available 1% hydrogen peroxide into the water, wipe thoroughly after soaking with water.