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Basketball floor nursing method and precautions
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Basketball floor nursing method and precautions


Before formal basketball courts are using wooden basketball floor, but because of the PVC floor is much cheaper than wooden floor price, friction performance is stable and easy to maintain and maintenance is more and more the favour of basketball stadium.

The following will introduce the nursing method of wood floor and PVC floor respectively.



One,wooden floor


1. In the basketball court to use pure real wood floor, you will need to maintain its clean and dry on the surface of the basketball floor, therefore in use, you need to avoid contact with a lot of water medium, in clean, more do not can use caustic soda to clean up, so as to avoid the high alkaline medium, the floor surface oil film is damaged.

When taking care of, you need to use wrung cloth to wipe the surface.

2. The floor in the basketball court, in use process need every break time to wax treatment on the surface, in the process of wax, then you need to use dry cloth to evenly on the surface, so as to guarantee the coating penetrates wood floor can be effective.

During the period of wax, it is necessary to wipe the surface of the floor with a soft cloth, until the surface shows a unique brightness.

3. For the floor of the basketball court, after the completion of the laying, it is necessary to prevent the sun from drying up, thus causing the surface paint to crack, thus improving its premature aging and so on.

For items such as cigarette ends and matches that are thrown away, they need to be cleaned completely to prevent the surface of the floor from being burnt.

Because this kind of floor is real wood floor, so the hard object on the floor surface and so on, need to clean in time.





Sports wood floors should be dusted regularly.

Brooms, dusters, vacuum cleaners, etc., can play the role of dust removal.

If use cloth, mop remove dust, must be careful to wring dry and scrub, and open the window after cleaning to dry the floor in time.

Because of wet dishcloth, mop, use will have water to infiltrate seam place, harm the floor, cause the floor to turn up deformation.

2. After the installation of the sports wood floor, the sun should be cut as far as possible, so that the paint won't be overexposed and premature.

3. If the floor is used for a long time, it is necessary to open the window frequently, and avoid using plastic sheeting or newspaper cover.

Don't throw cigarette ends or matches on the floor to avoid burning the surface of the floor.

5. Avoid sharp, sharp objects and heavy items for long periods of stress.

6. When exercising on the floor, wear sneakers and try to reduce the entry of leather shoes and heels to increase the service life of the basketball floor.


Two, PVC floor


1. Dust off the dust with the right dust mop. If the PVC basketball floor is used in a very high frequency, clean it at least three times a day.

2. Use clean, 90% dry mop to clean the floor.

3. The local surface of the PVC basketball floor is damaged, and the ground wax treatment shall be carried out.

Generally, it is better to have a waxing treatment once a month.

4 floor, PVC basketball, food, fat and other contamination of the ink should wipe away dirt, and then use diluted detergent scrub marks, printing is difficult to remove residual shoes can use the veil with rosin water scrubbing, rosin water on the floor (may not be clean), scrub should be filling wax after curing.

5. The cleaning of PVC basketball flooring can not be used with cleaning ball, knife scraping, not cleaning with conventional methods, consulting professionals, and not using acetone, toluene, and other chemicals.



Matters needing attention

1. It should be used in the door of the PVC basketball floor and the door of the hall to place a sand protection mat, preventing the shoe from taking the sand into the site to scratch the surface of the floor.

2. When carrying heavy objects, especially when there are metal sharp objects at the bottom, do not procrastinate on the PVC basketball floor to prevent the floor from getting hurt.

3, although PVC basketball floor is the fire rating is difficult (B1 level) of floor level, do not represent won't be fireworks burn PVC basketball floor, therefore in the use of PVC basketball floor area, not to the burning cigarette butts, mosquito-repellent incense, high temperature metal objects directly on the floor above, in case the floor damage.

4, avoid large amounts of water for a long time the stranded in PVC basketball floor surface, the water soak the floor for a long period of time, may penetrate below the floor to floor glue melting loss of bond, may also make the floor protection wax on the surface of the water stratification caused the pollution of the floor, or is likely to make water to permeate into the internal floor floor color.

5. Should avoid bright light direct illuminate PVC basketball floor, in order to prevent the situation of discoloration and fade on the floor.