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Concrete sealing curing agent construction steps
- Mar 12, 2018 -

1. The first step in the construction of the concrete sealant curing agent is to grind the concrete base surface. Grinding is an important factor in determining the quality of the flooring project. The purpose is to open the concrete pores so that the concrete seal curing agent can penetrate into the ground and play a role.


2. Clean the surface of the base layer to remove substances that are not conducive to adhesion, such as floating ash and oil stains. If there are too many pit holes in the old foundation layer, it must be filled up in advance;


3, The high-permeable seal curing agent evenly poured on the ground, free flow penetration, while the trowel can be used to lightly scratch the entire ground to penetrate evenly, when the base surface of the infiltration reaction becomes slippery, water mist moisten the viscous surface, so that high permeability Sealing curing agent continues the permeation reaction;


4. Observe the density and penetration of the base surface, and apply high permeability seal curing agent three times or more on the ground.


5. After the completion of permeation reaction on the basal surface (preferably the surface water is not completely dry), use a professional cleaning machine to clean the surface and remove excess material;


6. After completion of 2-4 hours, use a soft buffing pad to polish on the floor surface. The resin surface should be polished several times with a resin grinding pad. The longer the time of use, the better the gloss.