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construction guide of SPU basketball court flooring
- Mar 09, 2018 -

1.base requirement

requirement: the asphalt base should be flat , mostly the requirement is less than 3mm in 3 meters.  after asphalt base finished, should clean and wash the ground with washing powder and water. the surface should be clean and no dirties. then keep for 28days.

2. base treatment

as there are many big or small holes on ground. so need to seal the holes with cement and sand.

material needed: 50kg cement + 50kg sand + 20kg TB 202 + water (first step)

                25kg cement + 25kg sand + 20kg TB 202+ water(second step)

note: sand should be filtered in advance, size is 50-100mesh. amount of water is depend on weather. mostly 30%--50%. the hotter weather, the more water needed. each step for one day.

tool needed: mixing machine(more than 1kw), rubber blade



2. elastic layer

before make the construction, should grind the ground first, to make the surface flat, then clean with brooms.

material needed: 20kg TB 002E(A) + 36kg TB 002E(B)

               2.2kg/m2   2.2mm thickness

tools needed: mixing machine,  teeth blade, grinding machine( if you have)


3. strength layer 1

before construction, should grind the surface and clean


material needed: 20kg TB002E(A) and 36kg TB 002E(B)

              0.8-0.9kg/m2 1mm thickness

tool needed: mixing machine, rubber blade


4.  strength layer 2

material needed: TB 005E (0.25kg/m2)

tool needed: rubber blade and roller

before construction, grind the surface with abrasive paper.



5. color layer

before construction, grind the surface with grinding machine and clean

then measure the ground and mark the main court, record the position of each corner with 50m ruler.


material needed:

TB205E(A) (18.7kg) + TB 205E(B)(1.3kg) + 9# sand (6kg) + water (30-50%)(first step)

TB205E(A) (18.7kg) + TB 205E(B)(1.3kg) + 9# sand (3kg) + water (30-50%)(second step)

tool needed: mixing machine,  roller


6 line paint

material: TB 207 (0.01kg/m2)

first mark every position of the court according to drawing, then put the tape along the line, then paint with brush.

tool needed: knife, brush, tape, ruler


7. Finished project