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Dance to plastic construction technology is very important
- Nov 15, 2017 -

The length of the dance career, in addition to the dancers themselves pay more attention to the merits of the construction process of rubber to glue also play a crucial role. Dance work to show a sense of the truth, then inevitably have a lot of jumping action. The impact of a dancer jumping and landing will be transmitted to all parts of the body as the skeleton, if the ground material can not provide a reasonable shock absorption, then the consequences would be disastrous.

Despite the repeated emphasis on the importance of high-quality pavement to reduce the body injuries of dancers, but many people still think that the construction process of dance is just a low-tech products that are really useful than non-professional building materials, but not so useful . Many people are even more beautiful for direct surfacing wooden floor without the floor to glue, or choose less than professional dance to glue, we can say these practices are very dangerous. Dance plastic construction process how kind This functional building materials products can use high-tech damping means, can reduce the impact of the ground dancers to reduce the damage by one-third.

Dance floor glue construction process is usually a high-density resin, precision resin processing to make it both can bring a reasonable damping effect, while accelerating the energy back and forth, so that dancers to dance more light and effort. In addition to the above mentioned, there are many dance gels specifically for the professional advantages of dancers. Sheng Shi Dali Gum more environmentally friendly, for sweat dance practice, to provide a safer dance experience. Dance to glue the construction process is also very easy to maintain, the use of time longer not upset mildew.