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Elastic acrylic
- Mar 12, 2018 -

Acrylic field floor boards, acrylic floor paints, acrylic floor materials, and acrylic floor coatings have stable performance. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts and other professional sports fields and recreational sports venues.


Elastic acrylic surface features (applicable to asphalt bases and high quality concrete bases)

(1) It has good shock absorption and can reduce the shock to the athlete's feet and legs, especially for leisure and entertainment venues;

(2) It has toughness that can cover the small cracks generated by the foundation;

(3) Can withstand heavy pressure without deformation or flaking;

(4) There are multiple levels of flexibility to choose from;

(5) It has the advantage of indoor use;

(6) Convenient maintenance. The

(7) Low construction cost, high cost performance, and wide range of use;

Site construction: The use of acrylic acid materials generally requires 6-7 process steps for the surface, taking into account the basic situation, the construction process should be adjusted accordingly in order to ensure lasting surface quality.