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How to install artificial grass for football field
- Jan 02, 2018 -


1 Preparation

Weather condition shall not be rain or snow, or under the circumstance of temperature below 10℃ or any other bad climates.



2 Measure and Place the Lines


The field of play must be rectangular. The length of the touch line must be greater than the length of the goal line.

Length: minimum 90.0m, maximum 120.0m

Width: minimum 45.0m, maximum 90.0m

Run-offs shall be in accordance with national and or competition rules. In the absence of any such rules a minimum of 3m per boundary is recommended. Provision of adequate run-offs does not form part of the FIFA Quality Concept.

Note: International Matches must be played on a field with following dimensions

Length: minimum 100 m (110 yds) and maximum 110 m (120 yds)

Width: minimum 64 m (70 yds) and maximum 75 m (80 yds)


3 Place Turf According to Drawings

All the turf put on the same edge of the field.


Unroll the turf starting from the halfway line to goal line. Adjust the turf to desired appearance and smooth, leaving the joint of two rolls overlap 2 cm.

Adjustment will takes some time. No cutting operation before adjustment.


4 Cutting Turf

Cut the white line straight according to drawings dimension. The touch line is 10cm width while the goal line is 8 cm width

Any overlap shall be cut, starting from the halfway line to the goal line


5 Join Turf

Turn over the edge in the joints section by 20 cm for each side.



Put the join tape in the middle of join section and coat the join tape with glue. Coat the turned over turfs as well. Then reposition the turned turf and stick turf to join tape.

After reposition the coated shall press down the join section to ensure strong adhesive.


6 Setting Function Line (white line)

After laying and joining the turf, mark the line position on the grass. It could be checked by seeing the marked line on the ground once the line is cut. The measured and marked line on the ground in previous step and the new line on grass shall be matched.

Cut the grass and replace with white line using the same procedures as above of joining turf.




7 Adjustment

Once the function line is installed, inspect the whole area. If any imperfection on site, it shall be cut about 2-5cm, adjust and then rejoined.


8 Sand Infill

Infill the specific sand with machine, the quantity per square meter shall be complying with the drawings. Sand shall be clean and round, silica sand is recommended.



9 Rubber Granule Infill

Infill the specific rubber granule with machine, the quantity per square meter shall be complying with the drawings. The procedure is the same as sand infilling.

After infill sand and rubber, shall brush the grass again in both horizontal and vertical direction


10 Cleaning

Remove all the unnecessary materials.

Brush up the turf surface gently with broom.


It is recommended within two days after installation no activities shall be hold on the field in order to maximize the performance with the infill settle down.


When install the circle line, the white lie can be cut into pieces for smooth appearance without crinkle.


If other vegetation surrounds the field, this will inevitably be deposited on the field, for example grass areas around the field will, when cut, deposit cuttings on the field. Try to leave a barrier between the natural area and the artificial field. This can be a physical barrier or a zone that is vegetation-free.


Contamination, particularly pollution and seeds, will be blown onto the field by the wind. Take this into consideration when deciding on the location of the field.

Animals, particularly birds, will leave deposits on the fields. Clean them off as soon as possible as the deposits will become the nutrient for moss, algae and weed growth.


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