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How to install silicon PU sports courts in winter
- Mar 06, 2018 -

 For the silicon PU stadium, the general construction will choose the spring, summer, autumn, humidity less than 75%, the temperature is 10-35 conditions more conducive to the construction of silicon PU material. In general, more than 5 conditions can be carried out construction, but when the temperature is below 5 , the actual construction of silicon materials with the decrease of temperature and difficult to grasp the quality of the finished hard to have a perfect guarantee. Low temperature environment, why silicon material pu difficult to construct?


Slow down the paint reaction

      During the actual construction process of silicon PU material, it is necessary to stir the mixed paint (especially the elastic layer material) to make the material in the paint fully react under the influence of the external ambient temperature and the right amount of water vapor in order to ensure the completion of the silicon PU stadium After the effect. However, if the temperature is below 5 ° C or if the air humidity is too low, the reaction will decrease or slow down. In the curing process, the longer the time is more likely to be affected by adverse factors (such as increasing the coating is gray layer, debris, insects, etc.).

Viscosity multiplied

  In the PU PU coating process, good leveling performance effectively ensure the smoothness of the stadium. But at low temperatures, floor coatings will double the viscosity, leveling performance will be reduced. The loss of good leveling paint, scratch will flow because of flow leveling performance deterioration, increase the construction difficulty, there may be extended construction period.

Reduce the surface quality

      Due to the curing reaction slowed down, or can not be completely cured, silicon PU surface wear resistance and other comprehensive performance will be reduced, and more prone to surface detachment and other issues seriously affect the service life of silicon PU stadium.


      However, due to the regional or time factors can not choose the construction time and season, the need to apply low temperature or winter season, construction of silicone materials, can refer to the following three methods and measures to shorten the construction period to ensure the perfect golf course effect:

First, in the outdoor silicon PU stadium construction, can build a plastic film shed outside the stadium to enclose the stadium, the more solid the better, you can wind and rain to reduce the weather the impact of material construction.

Second, the shed can increase the heating equipment, improve the internal temperature, to help Si material solidification court, shorten the construction cycle.

Third, without affecting the effect of the situation, you can add an appropriate amount of silicon PU material diluent to help material solidification, shorten the construction period of silicon PU stadium.

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