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How to maintain football field artificial turf in winter?
- Mar 05, 2018 -

During the winter artificial turf pitches, we should consider in advance the impact of rain and snow weather. Especially in the frozen sea of snow, the lawn can become brittle and easily folded. If it is long-term snow, then this time can not be carried out in the artificial turf football stadium above activities, otherwise it is easy to break off the grass silk, affecting the life of the lawn.

    It may also affect our own safety. Therefore, it is advisable to wait until the snowball above the artificial turf of the football stadium is completely melted before putting it into use again. Of course, it is best to promptly take measures to clean the snow above the lawn. When cleaning up, you should consider some considerations. First of all, there should be plenty of room for the snow to be placed on when cleaning the snow.

    In addition, when cleaning the snow, we must pay attention to gentle movements, so as not to hurt the artificial turf football stadium. Especially in the case of icing, it is more likely to cause damage to the lawn. If you do not pay attention, they may put the lawn filler such as rubber particles, etc., affect the service life.

    In general, when cleaning snow, if you want to make sure the artificial turf of the stadium is intact, then you have to be careful about how long it takes to clear snow and how to clean it. The most effective way is to clean the snow just down, so that it will not cause damage to artificial turf. Otherwise, excessive snowfall will cause more pressure on the lawn and may cause the lawn to crush.

    For example, when the first snowfall can be used to clean the snow blower. If there is ice on the artificial turf of the football stadium, urea can be used to quickly melt it in the sun. Also pay attention to drainage, melting the snow after the artificial turf to make the soccer field water can be well discha