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Maintenance and maintenance of plastic runway
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Maintenance and maintenance of plastic runway


 Maintenance and maintenance

1. All motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles shall be prohibited to travel on plastic runways to avoid mechanical friction and impact on the plastic runway.

2. Make a distinction between suitable footwear and footwear unsuitable for activities on plastic runways:

Suitable footwear: ordinary sports shoes, rubber canvas shoes, training shoes or soft rubber shoes, etc.

It is not suitable for shoes: spikes and high heels.

3. No contact with organic solvents and chemicals.

2. The edge of the plastic runway should be maintained, and it is not allowed to pry open. If the edge of the plastic runway is damaged, it should be repaired in time.

The following points should be noted in maintenance:

1. After completion of the plastic runway, it will take 7-10 days to maintain normal use.

2. The plastic runway must have a good drainage system.

3. The plastic racetrack is used only for athlete training, competition and student sports and exercise or leisure walking, not for other purposes;

4. The construction unit should be notified timely to repair the damage and blister on the edge of the track and plastic runway.

5. Wash regularly with water.

After washing, a small amount of water can be wiped off with dry cloth.

If the plastic track is stained with oil, use 10% of ammonia or detergent, washing powder and so on to keep the plastic runway clean.

Plastic runway seasonal maintenance should be conducted twice a year, suggest not to use water scour the whole field, and with a high pressure water washing, also is the mop to thoroughly rinse with high pressure device, it is forbidden to use chemicals on plastic runway, needs to be updated when line drawing with logo, when clearing, must use the broom sweep.

The service life of the plastic runway is determined by its quality, use and maintenance level.

Can be properly maintained regularly, can greatly extend the standard plastic runway life.