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New era of plastic runway
- Jan 08, 2018 -

New era of plastic runway


The plastic runway is a necessity for every track and field sports ground, and is the basic place for the health quality education of all schools. It is the basic guarantee for the national fitness.

Its popularity is a symbol of social progress and a major trend in the development of sport for all.

As countries and support to the attention of the national sports, national JianShenChao rise up across the country and around the gym gradually achieve free opening to the outside world, even from the county seat is begin construction in huimin sports center, all kinds of schools but also increased the investment in physical infrastructure, thus promote the rapid development of the domestic sports industry, make the whole industry chain ushered in the spring, as the primary bud in the spring breeze, day by day.

When the construction of our sports facilities was in full swing, the "toxic runway" incident broke out in China.

The outbreak of this event has its inevitability.

From another perspective, it is easy to find, with the rapid development of sports industry, make some mercenary merchants violating their mei wear conscience, regardless of the people healthy body and the harm to environment, some low-end backward inferior products, disturb the normal market order, even harm to student's physical health, the businessman countries must maintain a zero tolerance attitude, will be the black sheep to justice.

The second is to strengthen regulation of such industries and put the responsibility into the relevant authorities.

Related department and production enterprise should emergency action, and most importantly, improve detection standards, can clear what material, what material can't use, especially cannot be used to put it listed, let related products quality and safety of advancing with The Times.

Experts say, refused to toxic plastic runway into the school, the key is not to find the reasons, but in the initial bidding, will improve the system of bidding, according to the current case procurement mode is the key point of "poison the runway".

Existing plastic playground procurement model mostly adopts the project tender, the emergence of the inevitable bid basically is a construction company, rather than plastic playground material production unit or the construction unit, the result of plastic playground project by layers of subcontract, subcontracting to finally lead to the product cannot be guaranteed, even with the unknown inferior material, it is the important cause of runway "poison" directly.

Relevant departments to deal with the material plastic runway manufacturers use to assess, only shortlisted suppliers can participate in bidding, strictly control from the source, in this way can we really will be from outside the runway "poison", also students a healthy body.