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Plastic runway material pooled
- Dec 29, 2017 -

Plastic runway material pooled


1. Introduction of plastic runway material

The plastic runway material consists of polyurethane prepolymer, mixed polyether, waste tire rubber, EPDM rubber particle or PU particle, pigment, auxiliaries and filler.

Plastic runway has good flatness, high compressive strength, hardness, flexibility, physical characteristics of stable performance, appropriate for athletes speed and skill to play, effectively improve performance, reduce the rate of fall.

Plastic runway is composed of polyurethane material such as rubber, have certain elasticity and color, have a certain ability to resist ultraviolet ray and aging resistance force is internationally recognized as the best all-weather outdoor sports ground floor material.


2. Types of plastic runway materials

(1) the breathable plastic runway is a two-layer spray polyurethane runway system.

The base layer is a black environmental rubber granule bonded to polyurethane resin, and the surface layer is formed by the direct injection of SMG machinery by SMG machinery after mixing with polyurethane and polyurethane.

(the performance can reach GB/14833-93 indicators, and it can be breathable and permeable, and the construction period is short, and the maintenance and renovation is also relatively easy, which is the first choice for primary and secondary schools.)

(2) precast plastic runway is a precast rolling strip.

On the basis of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, mixed mineral fillers, stabilizers and pigment in continuous rolling processing, the factory and with 280-300 high temperature sulfur hardening a integrated, mechanical embossing, grain consistent double-decker structure synthetic rubber.

(professional track and field sports fields are commonly used, but their price is high, which is beyond the reach of ordinary primary and secondary schools)

(3) the base layer of composite plastic runway is a black environmental rubber granule bonded to polyurethane resin, and the face layer is cast in polyurethane resin for colored EPDM rubber particles.

(4) the mixed plastic racetrack is a system of the track system for PU and black rubber particles mixed in a certain proportion.

Material mixed in certain proportion to the spot, to join the catalyst mixing, paving, room temperature vulcanization molding, the surface is now the only national standard plastic surface layer of material, mainly used in the professional game with venue, etc.

(compound and mixed type are between the whole plastic type and the breathable type, the price is slightly lower than the plastic runways of the plastic type, but it is also higher than the breathable type, and the basic requirements are higher.)