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Plastic track care is more important than laying
- Feb 24, 2018 -

The main knowledge of plastic track maintenance is summarized as follows:

1, plastic runway laying completed, you need to maintain 7-10 days to use.

2, plastic runway in a positive drainage conditions, to adapt to all-weather use. Plastic runway as a transportation practice exercises, competitions and students still and exercise temper, not suitable for other purposes;

3, to prevent the purification of hazardous materials, often maintain clean, to prevent violent mechanical impact and friction, the runway is not allowed vehicles, piles of heavy objects and sharp things (except for the standard running shoes). Transport must wear special stationary shoes, nails length of no more than 7 mm, individual jump shoes not exceeding 11 mm. If the static shoe with longer nails, it is not allowed on the plastic track use. ;

4, to prevent temporary load;

5, to prevent pyrotechnics and heat sources to prevent access to organic solvents, chemicals, cigarette butts and other fire species, such as purification.

6, should be used for water spray cleaning, after cleaning a large number of remaining glue surface can be removed with a dry cloth. Stained with oil 10% ammonia or detergent, detergent scrub clean.

7, plastic runway edge should be added to cover, not to be tilted, such as the invention of tooth destruction, blistering scene should promptly notify the construction unit to repair.

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