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PVC plastic sports floor eight advantages
- Nov 15, 2017 -

1, pvc plastic sports flooring by the TPU surface treatment, PVC wear layer, 1000D glass fiber reinforced mesh and special mesh fiber reinforced layer and PVC foam buffer layer.

2, pvc plastic sports floor 100% pure PVC wear-resistant layer, the thickness of 1.5mm, and anti-aging and fastening technology processing, wear pressure, the service life of up to 10 years.

3, pvc plastic sports flooring glass fiber reinforced mesh and special fiberglass reinforced layer play a stabilizing site size, extending the role of life, so that the floor will never shrink, the performance is more stable, so that athletes play a better level .

4, pvc plastic sports floor closed PVC foam cushioning material such as air cushion structure, providing absolute safety, resilience and standard vibration absorption, vibration absorption rate of 50%. (International Standard: DIN> 45%)

5, the surface of professional PVC plastic sports flooring can be moderate deformation when hit, as a sealed mattress with air, when you are wrestling or slipping, the closed cushion foam back technology provides the greatest buffering effect Limit the reduction of sports injuries.

6, PVC plastic sports floor friction coefficient of 0.57, with adequate and moderate friction, to ensure the stability of the movement, while maintaining the consistency of friction in all directions and regularity in order to ensure flexible movement and the original Turn around without any hindrance.

7, pvc plastic sports floor surface by special treatment, consistent with the brightness of light, will not absorb light and glare glare, can better protect the eyes of athletes, not easy to produce fatigue.

 8, pvc plastic sports flooring with high-tech anti-bacterial function, with non-toxic, tasteless, green, waterproof, non-slip, anti-mildew and other characteristics of the space for your activities more safe and healthy.

pvc plastic sports floor use of the venue: badminton, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, basketball, handball, indoor soccer competitions and training venues, multi-purpose venues, all kinds of gymnasium, dance rooms, schools, units union activities room, Amusement parks, kindergartens, sporting goods stores, offices, hotels, hospitals and other venues.