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SKY grass compares with other grass
- Mar 13, 2018 -

Why choose SKY grass

1.  All new material, no any recycle materials.

2.  Imported England cobble tufting machine and raw material, to be always in high quality.

3.  Environmental friendly, Excellent wear resistant , good straight.

4.  Use no glare treatment to ensure player maintain good show.

5.  Passed many international certificates.(CE,SGS,ROHS and so on)

6.  Many characteristic as following:


Broken force


Simple test solution


Extract one single yarn by the side both our grass and other factory grass, the one which is easy to be broken might add recycle material. Because no recycle material in the grass is not easy to be broken. Our national standard for broken force is 12N, our grass is 25N which is much more than the standard.


Broken force.jpg





Artificial grass use recycle material which have the disadvantages as below:


1.    Shorten the lifespan of the grass, effect the validity.

2.    After using the recycle material for grass, it will be easily become aging and fading. As time goes on, the yarn will be burst into powder and become dust, this dust can not be degraded, the body will affect the lungs after inhalation.


See picture below:



Grass incision:

The grass incision is good or bad, it depends on the machine’s quality.

Our products’incision are flat, symmetrical evenly because our machine is imported England cobble tufting machine. 



The backing:


Our factory use PP+NET+SBR (BASF), the quality is very stable. Though u put it for a long time, it will never be white or hard.






For the brightness, there is no uniform standard GB. Product brightness is too bright or too dark which will affect the appearance and use. We used the secretary without glare treatment, the color is bright but will not affect the sports enthusiasts in the game whenever the normal play.


Suggest you to check this characteristic under the sunshine.