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About plastic runway detection
- Dec 21, 2017 -



Standard of plastic runways: safety and environmental protection requirements have not been involved

At present, China's plastic runway production is based on the recommended national standard GB/T14833-1993 "plastic runway".

The standard is applicable to the stadium, the stadium runway of the mixed elastomer laid with polyurethane as the main material.

Standard only covers the physical and mechanical properties of plastic runway and thickness, slope, etc., for the poisonous and harmful material set limit to not require, that is to say, at present, the plastic runway standard has not been involved in terms of safety and environmental protection.

The international standard system also has some standards for the synthetic material runway.

Such as International sports Federation (International Association of Athletics Federation, IAAF), the International Association of motion track technology's main Association for science and technology advisory body, the International sports Surface (International Society of sport Surface, ISSS) recommend approval of American Standard ASTM F2157 02 "artificial track on the Surface of the Standard (the Standard Specification for Synthetic Surfaced Running Tracks)".

The standard only stipulates the technical requirements for the thickness, friction, drainage and tensile strength of the runway, and does not involve other safety and environmental protection requirements.

Standard for Spots Grounds, Symhetic Surfacings, Requirements, tests, Maintenance, etc., are not covered by the Requirements of toxic and hazardous substances.

In addition, the us standard ANSIINFPA 150-2000 "runway" also provided for runway construction, fire protection and other requirements, but did not involve the requirements of toxic and hazardous substances.

There are no provisions on the raw materials of plastic racetracks in the legal framework of Japan's environmental law, the environmental release and optimization management of special chemicals.

Our country Taiwan standard CNS 6482 polyurethane stadium paving material used and the CNS 6483 "polyurethane stadium paving material used in the inspection rules on the physical and mechanical properties of the plastic runway and inspection methods, environmental safety of plastic runway is still not provided.

It is not only our country, but also the technical standards of other countries and regions that have no requirement on the harmful substances in the plastic runways.


Standard of plastic runway materials: no toxic residue limit has been specified

At present, when the laying of plastic runway used by the material, the main component is polyurethane: 1937 German bayer's first reaction was prepared with diisocyanate and glycol polyurethane, and then successfully developed polyurethane rubber, the application of polyurethane is developing rapidly.

A kind of plastic runway runway as synthetic material, its academic name is polyurethane surface motion, this industry is the main raw material of polyurethane material toluene diisocyanate, after adding adhesive, curing agent in the plastic, laying on the track, just built plastic runway.

Toluene diisocyanate (molecular type C9H6N202) is a colorless transparent to light yellow liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents, mixed with air and prone to combustion, whose flammable limit is 0.

9 percent to 9.5 percent.

The substance gives off a pungent smell, is sensitive and has a zero olfactory threshold.

35 mg/m3 ~ 0.92 mg/m3, to skin, eyes, respiratory system and so on have larger damage: eye irritation, itching, spicy pain, tears, blurred vision, and the symptom such as conjunctival congestion, conjunctivitis, keratitis can occur or Angle

Respiratory inhalation, throat drying, severe cough, chest tightness, dyspnea, etc., can also have the symptoms such as asthmatic bronchitis, severe can have pulmonary edema;

Skin contact with this material directly, can produce irritant contact dermatitis, also can cause allergic contact dermatitis.

Toxicology experiments showed that the LC50 concentration of half lethal concentration of rats was 600ppm / 6H.

The half lethal concentration of mice inhaled was 9700ppb / 4H.

According to GB 5044-1985 in occupational exposure poison damage degree classification of occupational exposure toxic grading, polyurethane production with toluene diisocyanate belongs to toxic level height (harm), can cause chronic poisoning is suspected human carcinogen.

Therefore, countries have formulated relevant hygienic standards and the concentration limits of materials that may contain the substance.

The TDI concentration in the air is no higher than 0 if the air sanitation standard in our country is specified.

2 mg/m3;

The United States is 0.

036mg/m 3;

France is 0.08m g/m3;

Sweden is 0.

4 mg/m3;

The UK is 0.02 mg/m3.

In our country, mandatory national standard GB 18581 - a - 2001 and GB 18583-2001 "interior decoration decorates material harmful material set limit to" series of standards on pu kind decorates material contained in the amount of TDI respectively to the rules, requires less than 0.

7% and less than 1%.

In addition our country chemical industry standard HG/T 3608-1999 Polyester Polyurethane wood coatings (Polyester Polyurethane coatings for woodenware) also provides with TDI and the pluralistic alcohol and acid reaction product materials for the production of varnish, free TDI content in colored transparent lacquer and enamel.

Therefore, it is necessary to limit the residue of harmful substances, such as TDI, in the polyurethane used in plastic raceway.

Revise the standard of plastic runway and find alternative materials

It has been more than 20 years since our country laid the first plastic runway, the track and field track of the national training administration.

During this period, the domestic has not yet been plastic runway obvious harm to human body, environmental protection, quality inspection departments have no intervention to come but in chemical indicators of detection, because the raw materials used in the plastic runway really has toxicity, track laying process and no operation specification can be reference, it will be difficult to ensure the safety of the use of non-toxic.

On the one hand, if the laying process itself is not scientific enough, it can be toxic to operators. It is reported that about 20% of occupational asthma is caused by TDI.

Laid, on the other hand, is likely to appear in the process of TDI raw materials such as incomplete and residue in the runway, and after laid is the detection of chemical composition of volatile, and no provisions laid after how long you can use, no doubt would have a potential threat to track the user's health.

Because the person is in motion when the amount of breath is quiet during 20 ~ 30 times, if sustained in TDI and places of high concentration of volatile organic matter movement, it is possible to affect the respiratory system, eyes, etc, cause acute or chronic poisoning.

Against such a situation, the current should be urgently solved according to the production technology of plastic runway produced toxic and harmful substances of the toxicological analysis, accurate estimates may impact to human body, on the basis of plastic runway in current national standard revision, supplement to the requirements of its chemical properties, not only ensure the safety of the user, also make the supervision department for management laws.

At the same time, the laying standard of the plastic runway should be formulated as soon as possible to ensure that the operation process of the operator is reasonable and the supervision method is improved to ensure that the paved runway meets the national standard requirements.

In order to standardize the production and use of mainstream plastic runways, we should improve the technology content of the products as soon as possible, produce more environmentally friendly products and reduce the harm to the human body.

It has been developed to replace TDI of diphenyl methane diisocyanate (MDI), which is stable and with low volatility, to reduce the impact of plastic runway production and use on human health and environment.

In addition, it can also use other synthetic materials with low pollution to make sports surface and promote healthy development in this area.

Specifications of plastic runway production and guide the use, the best solution, one is to establish a standard system in line with international standards of plastic runway, including the use of plastic runway raw materials, construction and acceptance, use, maintenance, management, and other standards;

The second is to promote the qualification of the construction team, the quality certification of the products, the environmental certification of the site and the implementation of the standard.


The use of plastic runways is becoming more and more popular in China, so it is of great practical significance to improve the standards related to the plastic runway and to ensure the health of the people and the development of national sports.The safety and environmental problems of the plastic runways have attracted the attention of the ministry of education, the environmental protection administration and the ministry of construction.It is believed that the relevant standards will be improved as soon as possible under the joint efforts of all parties. We also hope to standardize work on the plastic runway and promote the standardization of sports products.