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What are the requirements for the foundation of the kindergarten lawn?
- Dec 22, 2017 -

What are the requirements for the foundation of the kindergarten lawn?


There are three main types of turf foundation: asphalt foundation, cement foundation and rock base.

Using which type is mainly determined by the local climate environment and budget time using, especially suitable for low temperature difference and the temperature in winter in the north of climate environment, but also because of its expensive, for the warm and humid environment is not the most suitable type, the basis of gravel base because its construction is simple, low cost, drainage quickly, more common in the south, but because of its poor rigidity and stability, prone to base loose after long time use, resulting in uneven;

Therefore, in most areas of the country, cement concrete base has become the basic type of artificial lawn, which is economical and cost-effective.

The basis of artificial turf cement concrete foundation is as follows:


Basic requirements of cement concrete

1. Flatness of the ground: the rate of flatness of the flatness is over 95% and the 5-meter straighter error is 3mm.

2. Slope of the ground: 3-- 4of the center site, and the design of the turtle back drainage.

The surface should be flat, smooth, and ensure drainage.

3. Strength and stability of the ground:

The surface is uniform and solid, no crack, no rotten edge, smooth seam, 6000mm x 6000mm.

The cushion compaction is solid, the density is greater than 95%, after the medium ground mill pressure, no significant wheel trace, loose soil loose, wave and so on phenomenon.

4. The surface layer of the water: the new PVC is used to thicken the film, the connecting part should be at 200mm, and the edge margin is greater than 150mm.

5. The maintenance period of the ground: the basic maintenance period is 21 days.

6. Positioning of the ground: the lines of the site should be marked with strong and distinct markers for accurate construction and drawing lines.

2. Asphalt basic requirements

1. Surface roughness: the base should have a certain strength and stability, foundation cracks and can't products caused by uneven frost heave of frozen, flatness qualification rate of over 95%, 3 m straight edge error 3 mm.

2. Ground slope: horizontal <1%, vertical <1, high jump area <4, surface should be smooth and smooth to ensure drainage.

3. Ground strength and stability:

Asphalt base is best used without wax, or with little bituminous material, and its asphalt mixture must be compacted.

The surface is uniform and solid, no cracks, no seams, no seams, no seams, smooth seams.

The asphaltic concrete surface has a broken stone diameter of 2-5mm, and the oil content is 5.8 to 6.4%. The gravel diameter of the jointed layer is 6-9mm, including 4.6-5.8%, with no soft peeling, no loose soil and undulating, wave and so on.

4. Surface drainage: the drainage system must discharge water two hours after heavy rain.

5. Ground maintenance: the basic maintenance period is 28 days.