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How to identify a good runway or a toxic runway?Science is the most important thing
- Dec 23, 2017 -

How to identify a good runway or a toxic runway?Science is the most important thing



Smell is one of the intuitive criteria for testing

Recently, the second session of national sports facilities industry peak BBS held in guangzhou, shenzhen institute of building science co., LTD., the chief engineer Ren Jun said on the BBS, qualified standard of plastic runway, the composite material surface field air smells ratings should be no greater than level 2 (grade 1 for no smell, level 2 for a slight odor, 3rd level there is a smell, but there was no discomfort, four level of discomfort, level 5 is stimulating discomfort smell).

Surianoka Dr And chemistry from the state university of New York at the time of guangzhou daily reporter "popular science" said, smell is the most intuitive testing whether the runway safety standard: "the first generation of sports is the runway of coal cinder, basically no flavor, is the second generation of sports track of on-site pouring shape polyurethane plastic runway, taste too strong, the runway is prefabricated rubber coil, the third generation of sports is to use made of natural rubber, taste is light, the odorant did not necessarily represent the runway is toxic, but definitely there will be a smell toxic runway."

Surianoka said, "after" poison the runway event ", the outside world of plastic runway reaction is more intense, in fact require plastic runway smell test at first class under any circumstances, that is no taste, this is impossible, so there must be more professional and scientific detection."



If school after completion of the laying of plastic runway radiate can easily detect the taste of the parents and the school is not necessary to have immediate reaction, "runway just laid there may be some volatile odor, but if the runway itself quality is qualified, so the odor problem can solve in a short period of time."

"On the other hand, if you give away the unpleasant smell for a long time, the bigger and more exciting it is, the more you get to the level of 3, then the runway will definitely have a problem," ren said.

"Traditional plastic runway are mainly polyurethane raw materials, construction need to add some chemical solvent, in the process of production if the reaction is not complete, or in order to reduce costs to use inferior material, so the toxic ingredients to be brought to site. It is hard to avoid"

Surianoka said, "in the international prefabricated type on the runway and polyurethane runway difference, only between 10% ~ 10%, domestic vary more than doubled, the main reason is that domestic polyurethane is actually in the vicious competition of the market."

Surianoka said.

What should parents do if they suspect the school's plastic sports ground is "problematic"?

"You can look for local, authoritative, third-party institutions to evaluate."

Ren Jun said, "the school at the time of laying track, in addition to enhance the professional knowledge of project management, the best pass of material according to the requirements of relevant standards, construction, can make products that meet the standards."