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Features and maintenance methods of epdm safety pad
- Dec 28, 2017 -

Features and maintenance methods of epdm safety pad

Epdm safety pad - epdm safety pad profile

Epdm safely mat is a massive products, according to the shape of square and hexagon, square model according to the specifications of points: 1250 px square and 2500 px square, generally between 1.5 to 62.5 px, the thickness of the thermoplastic rubber, resistant to high temperature of 140 degrees, low temperature - 70 degrees, not changeful form, without excitant odor.

Common colors are green and dark.

Just like the floor, the user can lay a piece of flat hard ground.

You can put sports equipment on it.

The face layer is a variety of color adhesive materials, high density and very firm and durable;

The bottom layer is the black soft glue material, which makes the epdm safely cushion the various impact forces, thus protecting the user's safety.



Epdm safety pad - epdm safety pad features

Epdm safely mat with perfect bump absorption efficiency, its surface for a variety of colors (red, yellow, blue, green, etc.), high density and very solid and durable rubber, black bottom made of soft rubber combined with a new generation of imported German basf glue extrusion environmental protection, effectively protect the user from the damage caused by high drop, high physical products, environmental protection, easy to clean and good drainage is suitable for laying indoors, outside the ground to use is the best choice to keep their children safe.

It can be constructed into a non-jointless elastic epdm safety mat.

Epdm pad safely provide perfect bump absorption efficiency, reduce the damage caused by falling from a height, long durability, easy to clean, suitable for laying on the ground of indoor and outdoor, as best epdm pad safely to protect the safety of children.



Epdm safety pad - epdm safety pad maintenance method

Epdm pad used safely in the long run should be performed after maintenance, so that we can lengthen the service life of epdm safely mat, epdm safely mat and maintenance method is simple, don't throw cigarette smoking, chewing gum or sugary drinks don't safely into epdm pad.

Epdm is safe to prevent contact with organic solvents and chemicals.

The edge of the epdm mat must be protected and can not be stripped and repaired if there is any damage.

The epdm is safe on the top of the vehicle without the vehicle driving, the plastic epdm safety pad can not have mechanical serious impact and friction.

The epdm mat must be kept clean, clean with clean water, and the stain can be cleaned with 10% of ammonia or detergent.

The person with the epdm safety mat can wear regular trainers and trainers, and can wear rubber canvas shoes or soft rubber shoes.



Epdm safely compared with those of other mat mat advantage is very obvious, in recent years, the application of epdm safely mat is becoming more and more widely, epdm safely mat also received a lot of people, certainly we safely in the use of epdm pad, should pay attention to maintenance of epdm pad safely, so as to prolong the service life of epdm pad safely.