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Sports floors are forbidden to wax
- Jan 09, 2018 -

Sports floors are forbidden to wax


Sports wooden floor is a floor system, the cost of wooden floor is relatively high, much higher than the average household wood floor, also, the service life of the movement floor, quality and performance are better than ordinary household wood floor.

However, in this to tell you is that sports wooden floor must be after put into use regularly do the maintenance work, only the correct maintenance to keep moving wood performance, quality, prolong service life.



Today is here to tell everybody is, in the process that does maintenance to exercise wood floor is absolutely forbidden, that is the movement wood floor forbids waxing.

Why do you say that?

The following is the answer given by the experts of foheng sports wood floor:


In people's cognition, thought to the wood floor waxing is the protection of wood floor maintain, but this understanding is right, but it is targeted, if on the wooden floor of general family expenses, the wax can be appropriate to play, but for sports wooden floor, it is absolutely forbidden.


The floor surface friction coefficient of sports floor board is to have strict requirement, if give a movement wood floor waxes to be able to reduce its friction coefficient, make floor surface is too smooth.

If the athletes are playing sports on the paraffin floor, they will be in danger.

In the event of a slip accident, the slip accident can be large and small.


Wood floor waxing to movement, therefore, it is absolutely forbidden, and professional sports wooden floor wax is forbidden, professional sports wood floor manufacturer for sports venues floor maintenance will not give sports wood floor waxing.


Perhaps someone will ask at this time, if the sports floor protection does not wax, then what to protect the sports wood floor?

In fact, the protection measure of athletic wood floor is "eliminate light", eliminate light is to mean to use special machine to remove the lacquer surface sheen of the motion wood floor, or use special polish to remove oily luster.

When the movement floor after long-term use of paint in the area is polished, led to a lower friction coefficient, then you need to pass to the movement floor wood floor "extinction" work to exercise to restore to the golden state.