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Stadium knowledge of civil engineering
- Nov 15, 2017 -

A soft foundation approach

1, plastic runway stadium: Cushion method belongs to the shallow layer of soft soil treatment methods, including soil cushion method, soil replacement cushion method, reinforced rubble cushion method.

2, plastic runway stadium: riprap squeeze method is suitable for perennial stagnant water, drainage construction difficulties, surface soil was flowing state, the thickness is thin, the slab can sink to the bottom of the mud or less than 3 m thick soft soil sections.

3, plastic runway stadium: gravel pile gravel pile, sand pile, DJM pile, cement fly ash gravel pile

Second, the plastic track stadium: the construction of cement stabilized layer

Third, the plastic track stadium: the construction of cement concrete grassroots

There are many kinds of raw materials used in the stadium cement concrete layer, the process is complicated, and the structure is sensitive to the ambient temperature. Therefore, the selection, grading and composition design of the raw material of the cement concrete foundation, the testing level, the construction process control, the process Level, equipment and technology level and construction environment, etc., have a direct impact on the quality of sports ground concrete floor. Cement concrete grassroots with high strength, good stability, durability, long life and other advantages. Therefore, to ensure that cement concrete pavement has good performance, not only well-designed, but also careful construction, pay close attention to the quality of construction in the construction sector.

Fourth, the plastic track stadium: asphalt concrete construction technology

Fifth, plastic track stadium: asphalt paving

1, determine the coefficient of the pine: the different structural layer of its mixture required different grading, different pavers of different self-vibration effect, will result in different pine coefficient.

2. Place the paver in the correct position. Adjust the width of the paver according to the paving width and the width of the paving slab. Adjust the mat to adjust the machine so that the scale on the sensor of the automatic leveling machine is the same as that of the grade and check it with the horizontal pull line.

3, the screed is heated to not less than 65 ℃, and after the paver screw screed full of mixture, check again to reduce the error.

5, asphalt paving temperature should be higher than 5 ℃, paving mixture temperature should be based on climate and paving thickness, the general control of 110-130 ℃.

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