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Tennis plastic venue maintenance and repair
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Many people think that the maintenance and care of the plastic yard is very simple, and the plastic yard can be basically placed in comparison with the sandy ground and the turf yard. This view is problematic.

First, the importance of site maintenance and care

First of all, we know that building a plastic stadium is complicated and expensive. If it is not properly maintained and maintained, it will wear out quickly and it will not be long before it is old. Proper maintenance and maintenance of the site will naturally prolong the service life of the site and maintain the excellent performance of the site.

Second, fans should pay attention to the use of venue maintenance site matters

1) Do not wear shoes, tendon shoes and other hard-line shoes admission, so as not to damage the ground surface.

2) Do not wear black shoes, soled shoes and other admission, in order to prevent these colored sole will leave difficult to deal with scratches.

3) Do not shoot the ground on the ground, do not use the racket to hit the ball on the ground, otherwise, the racket will scratch the surface of the venue.

4) Do not bring colored drinks admission, to prevent splashing on the venue, causing pigmentation, difficult to clean, hinder clean and beautiful.

5) In the use of service tee, activity tennis wall, picking basket and other auxiliary equipment, to be mobile and orderly, steady.

6) The golf clubs, referee chairs, tennis nets and other ancillary facilities, should be managed by hand, others may not be arbitrarily moved.

7) No smoking, so as not to burn the ground burned cigarette seat.

Third, the specific maintenance of tennis courts

First, the maintenance site needs some special tools, mainly: water heaters, rubber hose, size broom, fans, trash and so on.

In the southern part of the rainy season, the water purifier is used to push the water on the ground after it has cleared the weather. In the north with more dusty sand, the site can be rinsed regularly with water and water. In general, each paddle should be equipped with a few pieces of rubber to prepare for wear and tear rubber skin worn out to use.

Rubber hose should be based on the venue from the water source distance, ready to be more surplus length, ready for use when flushing the site.

Size broom, try to use natural grass and other bundles made of bamboo. It is best not to use brooms that are common on the market today because these brooms often lose their lint, and the nylon fibers that fall on the ground may not only make people slipping, but also difficult to clean.