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What are the common problems that occur when soccer balls are used in artificial grass balls?(One)
- Nov 15, 2017 -

First, artificial turf grass fiber fade, discoloration?

1, the quality of grass fiber unqualified, such as anti-ultraviolet (UV) agents, anti-aging (amine) agent added too little;

2, grass fiber formula unscientific, some of the more poor quality additives;

3, artificial turf fiber production equipment behind, poor technology, physical instability;

4, environmental impact, such as strong ultraviolet radiation in some areas, acid rain, industrial pollution and so on.

Second, the grass fiber fluff, pilling and powder?

1, because of the high frequency of use in schools, poor quality of reticular fibers in 1-2 years, better quality in 4-5 years will have different degrees of grass fiber split into 50-60 filaments phenomenon;

2, PP fiber itself is relatively hard, brittle, easy to fluff, pilling.

Third, grass fiber loss, hair loss?

1, the production process is poor, artificial turf bottom cloth, poor quality glue, resulting in the overall binding on the grass poor;

2, the use of grass fiber low-end grass (such as PP material), the use of Chinese grass line from off;

3, the accessories used failed (quartz sand particles are too large, not round), causing damage to the grass.

Fourth, artificial turf bottom corrosion, cracking?

1, artificial grass bottom thin, and the use of general PP material;

2, the bottom of the glue used in the poor quality or poor coating process, too much too thick;

3, The uneven foundation of the site is the basis of unqualified, and the damage of the artificial fabric to the bottom cloth is larger.

4, the overall poor drainage, the end of the cloth soaked in water for a long time.

Fifth, venue artificial turf uneven color, color serious?

1, poor quality of artificial turf fiber, uneven thickness, color instability, easy to cause different color;

2, poor site installation design, site filled with uneven materials, resulting in visual color;

3, uneven foundation of the site, obvious signs of seams;

4, Filled accessories failed, the pollution surface.