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What is the difference between artificial turf and natural turf?
- Mar 05, 2018 -

The advantages of artificial turf:

1, It can be installed in a variety of basic surface, the basic quality requirements are not high, not afraid of cracking, non-blinding delamination fears, both simple and economical.

2, Artificial grass maintenance is simple, low maintenance costs, rinse with water to remove dirt, but also does not fade, no distortion characteristics.

3, Like a real grass, green feeling; full range, the grass can be long according to the actual use of choice.

4, The overall layout of artificial grass sports venue beautiful, high utilization, life expectancy up to 10 years, and durable easy to maintain, can be used continuously throughout the day.

5, Artificial grass green, finished construction, fixed duration and shorter, easier to grasp the quality, acceptance is simple, without too much expertise.

6, Artificial grass land with high utilization rate, both damping, with no noise, safe, non-toxic, flexible, good flame retardant properties, it is suitable for use in schools, is the best activity, training, competition venues.

7, Artificial turf to take the concept of security, it can avoid sports injuries. It provides sufficient cushioning force to reduce the general hard on the foot may cause damage, so you have absolutely no venue due to the various concerns.

8, The audience material are in line with environmental requirements, artificial turf surface can be recycled. The original laying of spoil and sand used in foundation paving shall comply with the principle of reducing waste and using natural objects.

9, The foundation is not bonded with the surface. When the surface of the useful life of the expiration of just replace the surface can be re-investment costs low.

10, Playground planning into a flat, without any unevenness, and this new structure has the function of shock absorption and decompression, reducing the playground noise, reduce the interference of class.

11, The lawn gap to use a clean high proportion of quartz sand, so that students have the opportunity to close the soil without the environment and body will be dirty, eliminating some cleaning trouble.

12, Marking the use of direct preparation, do not need to frequently crossed and distressed, easy maintenance, almost no follow-up maintenance costs.

Disadvantages of natural lawn:

1, It has long been trampled on the natural lawn has been difficult to maintain, the required manpower, material resources and financial resources

2. Due to the limited elasticity of the natural grass plant fiber in the natural lawn football field, the elasticity of the soccer ball on the natural lawn is generally small. The height of the ball or the bouncing ball after falling to the ground is not very high

3, Natural lawn football ground by the foundation and the impact of rain and weather more, once the rainy days and turf shedding and other conditions will cause the site wet, potholes uneven, easily lead to athletes knee, ankle sprain.