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Acrylic Court Project Solutions
- Mar 03, 2018 -

1Why acrylic coating material surface will appear coarse protruding?

The reason is that the surrounding environment is polluted during the construction process, which leads to the I mpurities in the paint. At this time gray knife can be used to shovel impurities, or grinding machine with a prominent place polished. Therefore, during construction, we must pay attention to clean the construction site in time to keep the site clean.

2What is the reason why surface coating is white?

This is usually the case when the fabric coating is exposed to water when it is not yet dry. In this case, the construction worker can re-scratch the surface in the reverse position to cover the anti-white layer.

Although valuable acrylic stadium materials are gradually becoming the most cost-effective and most popular professional materials for laying outdoor courses, they pay attention to the "good times and the best" in the construction process and pay attention to many details that can not be ignored. Otherwise, A variety of quality problems, affecting the construction efficiency and construction progress, if serious, can lead to project failure. SKY Sports Company has 12 years of experience, the construction of the most professional skills for your service!


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