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Cold Weather, Silicon PU Stadium Construction Should Pay Attention To What?
- Nov 15, 2017 -

A winter, low temperature will also affect the curing effect and physical properties. In winter, silicon PU stadium and how to construct it? Need to pay attention to what?

In strict accordance with the requirements of the construction of silicon PU construction environment: general area of silicon PU stadium can be large and small, the construction period can be long or short, need to make construction plans, reasonable arrangements for construction time, winter cold measures at the same time. Site supervision need to have a strong sense of responsibility, not because of rush to work in an unsuitable environment, affecting the quality. Geely in the pursuit of time at the same time, the more the pursuit of quality!

Inspection and treatment of the bottom: The bottom treatment is an important step in the pavement of the stadium. The treatment of the bottom layer includes: removing the dust, oil and loose objects on the bottom surface; reducing or eliminating the appearance defects; improving the physical or chemical function of the bottom surface . Winter construction When the substrate humidity is too high temperature is too low, there will be white cement surface appearance. The bottom of the winter is not easy to judge the boring, usually to ensure that curing period of 30 days or more.

Construction of silicon pu: For the coating system construction, into the winter construction, before construction should ensure that the substrate boring and the underlying surface temperature, when the daytime temperature is below 10 degrees higher than 5 degrees, try to be at noon before 3 pm construction, Night minimum temperature should be higher than zero, or the construction site can not be re-construction, to avoid damage to the underlying freeze.

Silicon pu elastic layer of construction: paint to ensure that the primer completely dry before construction temperature to be controlled at 5 degrees above, in the process of drying the film when the temperature is below zero when the paint will be damaged by freezing, loss of bonding and into Membrane function, to ensure that the minimum temperature in the film drying process can not be below zero. Because the temperature causes the coating in the filming process will be dry and slow, so the recoating at least 24 hours in the future or perhaps longer time, confirm the dry before the next process can be carried out.

Paint storage: into the winter paint construction, site storage of paint should be placed in a unified classification of the indoor stacking, and to ensure that the indoor temperature above zero, the temperature below zero to be selected heating or electric heating to increase the indoor temperature, the use of open flame is strictly prohibited indoor temperature.