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Floor Installation Of Suspended Laying Method
- Nov 15, 2017 -

1, five do not shop

1) the ground is not dry (wet), uneven, not construction;

2) Cross construction work at construction site, no construction;

3) with poor quality, pollution, humidity, decaying materials, accessories and other non-construction;

4) construction period is too short, unable to implement the process, no construction;

5) The absolute level of user requirements, not construction.

2, the basic level of treatment

1) The basic level requires smooth, dry and clean. Bump with a blade shovel flat, if there is a small area after leveling the slope or depression obvious, gypsum binder can be used to mix 30% of the coarse sand smooth, such as dry sweep the surface after the floating ash or other impurities. Strive for smoothness, not for purity. Grass-roots level of the higher requirements should be less than 5mm / m2 (GB less than 3mm / m2), otherwise the floor can not be achieved after laying.

2) If the floor or cottage in the laying of buildings, to be waterproofing. The methods are: coated with waterproof coating or shop agricultural film. Laying in the use of agricultural films, the use of two-tier laying method. That is, the first layer in the shop, the film and the corresponding lap between the overlap 20cm, the second layer in the first layer of film shop, the joints to be staggered, and the wall also upwarp 5-6cm (below the skirting board ).

3, cushion laying materials

1) Foam pad: Foam pad with plastic film 2-3 mm in thickness, butt laying and interface rubber seal.

2) bedding Po: thickness 6-20mm. Generally selected 10-12mm thick, butt laying, interface rubber seal.

3) high-quality multi-layer plywood: thickness 9-18mm. General election 12mm thick. Each multi-layer plywood should be equally small cut, the area should be less than 0.7m2, the best anti-corrosion paint, and then use a hammer, expansion screw buried in the ground, must be solid around the board, leaving 3-6mm gap between the board , Seal with tape.