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How Much Temperature Can Be Construction For Synthetic Runway?
- Jan 17, 2018 -

How much temperature can be construction for Synthetic runway?

2018-01-17 public sports network

Q: How much temperature can be construction for Synthetic runway?

A: Many schools have plans to build synthetic runway for schools during winter holidays. However, many plastic runway construction companies will say plastic runways can not be constructed because the temperature is too low and the quality of plastic runways will be affected. So how much temperature can be construction for Synthetic runway?

We all know that some of the plastic runway materials are liquid, metaphor that plastic runway glue, plastic runway PU and so on. If the temperature is too low, no plastic track construction.

Professional plastic runway manufacturers give their advice: In general, plastic runway 0 degrees can be more than construction, but the most suitable temperature is 10 degrees. If less than 0 degrees construction, construction period will be very long, while the plastic track quality will deteriorate. Therefore, it is recommended that some winter cold places do not plastic track construction.


Plastic runway / court winter construction formula


First, the preparatory work before construction

First of all, it is necessary to check whether the equipment and tools to be used are complete, whether the electrical equipment is safe, the mechanical part should be tested, and everything should be done to prevent electricity and fire. Do a good job of project distribution, project division of labor to people, the work points, explain the importance of each project, and production should pay attention to matters. Preparatory work is completed to start.

Objective: To ensure the safety of the entire construction process, to ensure the quality of construction, as much as possible to reduce costs and shorten the construction period.


Second, technical preparations


After receiving the construction program, we should promptly organize technical personnel familiar with and grasp the contents of the drawings, the construction unit of the relevant personnel drawings will be examined and dealt with in advance to resolve the issues and measures. Organize the construction technicians to make the actual measurements on site, determine the best construction plan and set the surface color renderings, and arrange the process reasonably. Proposed the main material specifications, quantity, quality requirements and approach time. Preparation of the corresponding material collar plan. Reasonable deployment of construction workers, organize personnel to enter the scene in time.


Third, pay attention


1 is to check the local weather forecast before construction and make a proper construction plan;

2 is to do the basic moisture content test, the basic moisture content of less than 5% before construction;

3 site Whether it is cement or asphalt based, are first wet with PH5-6 water test strips, such as PH value of 6.8-7.8 for weakly alkaline basis, with 3% diluted hydrochloric acid or acid scrub site, such as PH value 7.8-10 is about 6% dilute hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid scrub site, PH value greater than 10 is not suitable for construction of strong base, or for a period of time because of alkali migration and delamination;

4 The best construction conditions: temperature between 10 -30 (Note: Perennial snow in the northern region, the temperature below 5 is no longer suitable for construction in the southern and central regions in winter, noon after the temperature has a chance at 10 or more, or construction can be!), Humidity between 30% -85%;

5 cargo storage environment: It is recommended to ventilated and dry indoor storage, the temperature is between 10-30 ;


Fourth, accessories instructions


1 is the amount of catalyst: catalyst effectively control the main material chemical reaction speed, high temperature to be adjusted to the reaction speed with the construction speed synchronization. Such as hybrid plastic runway intermediate layer, the material reaction time too late to spread out, the reaction slowed down all the slurry flow down the bottom, waste of materials, while the underlying due to the loss of elasticity of the filler.

2 is the amount of diluent: diluent effectively control the viscosity of the main material, adjust the amount of diluent according to the temperature, the volatilization rate of the diluent is determined by the temperature, the volatilization rate of the diluent directly affects the effect of the surface layer. The middle of all kinds of connections must be proficient in order to make good plastic track.

3 is the amount of closed primer: closed primer is to deal with the concrete foundation, if the old concrete foundation, broken, long moss, edge marks and other phenomena using sand mill ground light venue. PH value test paper can be used in the cleaning process of the venue (pay attention to the temperature will affect the PH value). It is recommended to use 5% dilute hydrochloric acid to spill and wash the cement base and keep it dry when alkaline is high, and then rinse with clean water The base surface without floating ash). Washing, dusting and drying of the site (moisture content should be less than 5%), with a high speed mixing closed primer, with a roller carefully brushing to the ground and carefully examined, there should be no omission brushing place, The local repeated Tucao 2-3 times, to enhance the waterproof function. After ensuring the site is dry, with a closed primer to ensure that the foundation and PU polyurethane material adhesion, played a role in linking.

Such as hybrid plastic runway ground floor construction: the use of two-component PU polyurethane runway primer, A component and B component ratio of 1: 4, reclaimed rubber content of <25%, thinner (primer 3% -5 %, The lower the temperature of the scene more), driers (0.5% -2% of the substrate, the lower the site temperature plus more). First, before the official paving site on the trial shop: clean delivery on the basis of cleaning, check for mechanical oil stains in the venue to draw a square area of 1x1 square meters, into the material test shop, do the site temperature and humidity and Ground moisture record, to ensure that the material ratio and curing time. Second, according to the test pavement record ratio, the official deployment of paving materials.

Specific ratio paving should also pay attention to: 1 is to detect the thickness at any time; 2 is to adjust the proportion of diluent at any time according to temperature changes to prevent the mortar is too thin, solidification time slow flow along the slope caused by the internal thickness of the thin; 3 Paving time as far as possible until 3:00 pm in the morning, the winter morning temperatures below 10 in general can not reach the construction conditions, the general temperature drop after 3 pm is not recommended to continue the construction), to avoid the climate due to the curing of raw materials The process of foaming phenomenon and affect the quality.

The same surface construction formula is: the use of two-component polyurethane, A component and B component ratio of 1: 2, the amount of rubber and EPDM particles per square foot were 1.2kg, 1.2kg. Mixing agent, the proportion of particles, thinner (primer 3% -5%, the lower the temperature on the scene more), driers (0.5% -2% of the substrate, the lower the temperature the more the more) .