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International Standard For Artificial Turf
- Mar 05, 2018 -

In recent years, artificial turf stadium has become one of the hallmarks of China's modern sports facilities, the country from the school stadium, kindergarten to the community leisure venues have formed an artificial turf heat.

For the current artificial turf on the market lack of necessary understanding, and the current lack of national uniform industry norms, the correct understanding and evaluation of artificial turf more and more necessary.

SKY Sports artificial turf that can be evaluated from the following aspects of evaluation of artificial turf:

1, Specifications

At present, the longest grass yarn is 60mm, which is mainly used for professional football field. The length of grass yarn is longer and better in principle. The most common grass sliver length for football field is about 30mm.

2, The appearance

Whether the soft grass level is good, the color is natural, how the appearance of the feeling.

3, fiber

Grass is composed of fiber filaments, the main component of the fiber is polyethylene or polypropylene, fiber yarn evaluation index has two: twisting number and fiber diameter. Common twist number of 5700 dtex, 7600 dtex, 8800 dtex and 1000 dtex, that is to say the more twist the more refined grass, the better the quality. The diameter of the fiber is calculated in μm, typically between 50 and 150 μm. The index of fiber is generally difficult to measure, so FIFA generally uses the index of fiber weight.

4, Fiber quality

Used to ensure that more than the correct number of fiber seedlings and the use of the fiber system should be correct.

5,Grass density

The number of tufts per meter of grass is the number of heads, in this respect there are two angles to evaluate: First, the football field is generally 130200, the better the number of cluster head; Second, the weaving distance, that grass line Pitch, generally 510mm closer and better.