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Kindergarten Classroom With Plastic To What Are The Benefits?
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Kindergarten is an important venue for children's activities, the requirements of the ground material should also be higher. Not only requires no irritating odor, but also must be no release of harmful substances. The kindergarten cartoon to not only meet the environmental requirements of kindergarten kindergarten, as well as children's favorite cartoon pattern, full of innocence and childlike innocence, teachers and parents by the welcome, so kindergarten classroom use cartoon to glue what benefits?

First, the use of food-grade materials, more environmentally safe

Professional kindergarten cartoon to plastic the main material is PVC, PVC is widely used in the field of food, we usually use the cup, food containers, as well as baby bottles are made of PVC material used, PVC itself is stable in nature, but also the application In the medical industry, for example, medical infusion tubes.

Second, designed for children, to stimulate children's imagination

According to the color attributes and children's growth characteristics, designed to better stimulate the baby's intelligence floor. Including Winnie the alphabet series and the series of small stars, Sheng Shi continue to explore the children's psychological and fun, taking into account the beauty of the children's floor and the beauty of the form, English letters cartoon into the floor, let the baby inadvertently learn the letters, rational development Out of the baby seeking knowledge of learning desire, the baby smarter, studious, healthier growth.

Third, full of childlike innocence, in line with children's nature

Children innocent nature, easy to be attracted by the cartoon image, a good cartoon floor in the design more in line with the child's psychology, and now more than 90% of kindergartens in the country are using cartoon gums, preschool children like brightly colored cartoon, and for imagination Rich children, they also like the personification of the cartoon; these cartoons can make the screen more vivid and interesting presentation, inspire children unlimited imagination. Pre-school children prefer animal character cartoons, if exaggerated or anthropomorphic performance style, make children feel more fun, more willing to kindergarten.