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Notes On The Construction And Storage Of Plastic Runway In Low Temperature Weather!
- Dec 19, 2017 -

Notes on the construction and storage of plastic runway in low temperature weather!


So how should plastic runway materials be constructed during cold winter weather?

How should plastic runway materials be stored?


² About the construction

² The early stage of the plan



The plastic racetrack is generally wide and the construction period is long. It is necessary to make a good construction plan, reasonably arrange the construction time, and prepare the winter anti-cold measures.

Do not force construction in an untimely environment because of a deadline.


² Basic inspection and disposal


The base treatment is the foundation of the paving plastic runway project, which includes removing dust, oil pollution and loose material on the base surface.

Alleviate or eliminate surface defects;

Improve the physical or chemical properties of the surface.

In winter construction, when the humidity of the base material is too low, the frost phenomenon occurs in the cement base.

When the bottom layer is not easy to judge, make sure the maintenance period is over 30 days.


² Materials of construction


For the material of plastic runway system construction, before the winter construction shall ensure that basic dry and surface temperature, when the temperature is lower than 10 above 5 degrees during the day, as far as possible the construction before noon to 3 o 'clock in the afternoon, night minimum temperature should be higher than zero, otherwise not construction, avoid frostbite.


² Construction temperature attention

To confirm before the construction base layer or completely curing process on the material, construction temperature to control the above 5 degrees, in the process of curing film forming material when the temperature is below freezing plastic runway will cold damage, loss of adhesion and film forming functionality.

Due to temperature, the runway will solidify in the process of film forming material is slow, so the two construction time interval at least within 24 hours or longer, confirm the solidify rear can construction of next working procedure.


² About the storage

² Storage temperature control


Enter winter, classification should be unified indoor and plastic runway materials shelved, and ensure that the indoor temperature above zero, when the temperature is below freezing the heating or use electric heater should be used in indoor temperature, open flame is strictly prohibited increase indoor temperature.


² Indoor storage


Construction has not used up in the coating should be placed indoor, cold products will not immediately after construction use, need to pass a certain amount of time to heal in material of plastic runway construction state of temperature can be used.