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Silicon PU Court Has Any Special Features
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Opened the outdoor professional stadium Floor new materials precedent.

Professional: The structure of double-deck is a kind of professional sports floor product which is applied to the outdoor in the indoor standard competition venues designed according to the requirements of the national indoor standard competition venues.

And there is a certain coefficient of friction, a special surface - tough with hard. Both to ensure that athletes start quickly, easy to move, but also make athletes feel down-to-earth sense of security.

Will not fade due to environmental changes such as UV, ozone, rain and high and low temperature, durable: superior weatherability. Chalking, hair hard, soft and so on. And to ensure long-term bright colors, five years does not change color, ten years do not change the flexible use of time.

To ensure that the appearance of permanent and stable features, superior wear resistance. Good wear resistance, to meet the needs of long-term use of frequency. Silicon PU court information tough, dense, not easily soles or other hard objects scratches, long-term maintenance of the court can be smooth as new, unattended course can also be used.

Do not produce toxic substances, environmental protection: the material in use and construction process. A real environmentally friendly products.

No special maintenance, economy: low comprehensive interest. Easy to clean, the most cost-effective products, adaptable and can be arbitrarily constructed on a variety of solid ground, the color thickness of optional asphalt pavement can be laid directly on the old and new cement concrete floor after the appearance of the product can be laid, greatly reducing The basic ground disposal costs.

With environmental protection, professional and other properties, silicon PU stadium is a new generation of stadium materials developed on the basis of the PU stadium. Widely used in indoor and outdoor silicon pu basketball courts, silicon pu tennis courts, silicon pu volleyball courts, silicon pu badminton courts, table tennis courts and so on, the scientific professional double-layer structure from a professional sports point of view, based on the technical characteristics of ball games , So that the athletes start easily, move the rapid buffer movement generated during the harmful shock force.

Unique wet skid resistance, physical properties: with good adhesion, waterproof performance. Excellent tensile strength, flexibility, aging resistance, wear resistance, cement-based pavement no longer foaming, cracking;

Wear resistance: cement-based pavement no longer foaming, cracking;

Just clean with water, anti-fouling performance: contains a special anti-fouling additives. Stains will not penetrate the WPU-A layer, commonly used for a long time