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Silicon PU Plastic Runway Maintenance Guide
- Mar 06, 2018 -

1, The real thickness of the plastic surface is the glue from the rubber to the surface of the core, generally controlled from two aspects. First of all, the thickness of the pre-inspection through the vertical mold, the local grassroots higher than the local cut or hammer rammed low. If you are not much higher, you can use flat scraper ruler plus mold to ensure that the thickness of the mold, the average thickness of 5MM.

2, lawn carpet lawn carpet touch soft, good flexibility, safety and environmental protection, bright colors, colorful. Granville lawn carpet does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals, antibacterial agents imported, fire retardant, can be used for indoor bay window, bedroom, living room carpet, hotels, guesthouses, exhibition rugs, and wedding venue ground pavement, etc., artificial turf Unique refreshing nature can bring refreshing refreshing experience.

The length of the competition for international competitions is 38 ~ 42m and the width is 18 ~ 22m. The line width must not exceed 8cm. The longer the two boundaries called the edge, the shorter called the goal line. The middle of the venue has a line across the course called the centerline, centered on the center line to 3m radius, draw a circle called the circle. The penalty area is centered on the inner side of each post and draws an arc at a radius of 6 meters. One end is connected to the goal line and the other end is connected to a straight line 3m long and parallel to the goal line. The two arcs and one The area between the straight line and the goal line is the penalty area. Penalty points at the midpoint of the two goal lines perpendicular to the field 6m Department to make a clear mark, that is, the correct location of the penalty spot. The goal should be located at the center of the two goal lines, consisting of two vertical posts spaced 3m inside and a horizontal crossbar 2m below the ground. The width and thickness of the horizontal wood should be 8cm, the width of the post and the crossbar equal.

Construction process 1, the basic treatment of new cement concrete foundation 1.1 wear the temperature on both sides of the base surface width of 40-50mm mill oblique 3mm deep, the temperature of the seam surface into a "V" type (40-50 wide is to increase Caulking adhesive and the surface area of the base to increase its adhesion, 3mm deep is to ensure the thickness of the sealant without occupying the elastic layer position, to ensure good overall cushioning, so that the basic thermal expansion and contraction does not affect the silicon PU surface). 1.2 pickling wet basis with water (to prevent the penetration of dilute hydrochloric acid inside the foundation) to a concentration of 8% dilute hydrochloric acid evenly sprinkle and wash the base surface, and then rinse with water (usually washed twice), after drying requirements Surface cement color, no white powder and floating material. In the pickling process to circle the water mark and make markings.