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Silicon PU Surface Course Performance Advantages Do You Understand?
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Silicon PU surface course performance is superior then what are its advantages?

1, silicon PU surface course is very professional, the surface structure is in accordance with the requirements of international standard competition stadium designed to meet a variety of professional competitions. Surface flexibility of the course is very good, but tough with hard, have a certain coefficient of friction, easy to move, people feel down-to-earth sense of security.

2, PU PU surface course durability is very good, the surface course is very resistant to the sun, you can UV. Rain and ozone, etc., not easy to soft, bleaching, dirt, etc., you can use more than 8 years.

3, the level of silicon PU is very economical, long service life, and does not require any special maintenance, only need to usually sweep with a broom on the line.

4, silicon PU surface course is a very environmentally friendly products, materials containing ingredients are to GB18581-2001 "interior decoration materials harmful substances" standard, and obtain environmental certificates. Products in the use and construction process, are not toxic and hazardous substances, is a truly environmentally friendly products. So you can rest assured that the use of.