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Whether The Rubber Particles In The Artificial Lawn Are Harmful To The Environment
- Dec 20, 2017 -

On artificial turf of rubber particles is harmful to the environment the problem, after many experiments show that the normal manufacturer, normal process in the production of rubber particles is no harm to the environment, also won't produce pollution to the environment.

Affiliated with the government under the environment of the unit joint French environmental and energy management, in a recently completed about extracted from waste tire rubber particles, the environmental pollution problems will experiment project, the experimental results show that the extraction of rubber particles will not cause harm to human body health.


The study mainly focused on the use of rubber particles of sports venues, such as laying artificial turf soccer field, to detect from the field of seepage and drainage water quality will produce pollution to the surrounding environment, in addition to the site ambient air quality, is also the goal of sampling analysis, the distributing of gas detection is mainly aimed at the rubber particles.


In order to guarantee the authenticity and reliability of testing data, the researchers to choose three main rubber particles on the market at present as a test sample, then to fill them to the three pieces of the same sample of man-made lawn, finally put these three pieces of artificial lawn placed under the environment of different places around the world.


The samples of these three particles are: SBR granule, TPE particle of new thermoplastic elastomer granule and EPDM granule of EPDM, which are decomposed from old automobile tyres.

In addition, the researchers placed an artificial lawn with no filler material as an additional contrast.

The whole experiment began in 2005, and in the normal use of the football field, the researchers focused on the water and gas emitted from the site, and the following results were obtained:


Comparative report on the use of three filler materials

1. The rubber particles have no effect on water quality.

2. The gas emitted from artificial turf is inhaled by the human body and has no related relation to the health condition.

3. Using SBR and TPE rubber particles as the filling materials for artificial turf, the content of the emission is very low, reaching the level of "Relatively low" in Europe.

It's safe for the environment.

4. Using EPDM's pellet of artificial lawn, the content of emission is high.

5. According to the strict European standards, the water flowing out of the artificial grass from the experimental sample will not have any impact on the environment.

The national institute of industrial environment and risk research in France has released an HRE health risk assessment, which focuses on research into the health hazards of indoor materials.

The HRE health assessment, submitted by the INERIS, points out that in the worst cases of small and unventilated indoor conditions, substances emitted from three types of filling particles pose no harm to the human body.

This will not have health risks for construction personnel, athletes, adults and children of sports venues.

In addition, in the report, it was pointed out that outdoor artificial turf has no relation to the health of the human body.