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Self-healing Functional Biomedical-grade Acrylic Acid Has Been Successfully Developed
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Self-healing functional biomedical-grade acrylic acid has been successfully developed


An American team says it has developed a biomedical-grade acrylic acid that can be "self-healing" underwater.

Their technique was inspired by the sticky catechins that are secreted from oysters.




Together with colleagues at the university of California Santa Barbara who worked on the study of Herbert Waite said, this kind of polymer materials in wet or humid environment can self-healing injury, biomedical and environmental application, the urgent need for this material.

"The polymer self-healing study began about 10 years ago and has developed various strategies," he said.

But the demand for healing in wet media has not been resolved.

This is a significant deficiency, so it cannot heal itself under wet conditions."

Waite and colleagues found a way to use catechins to modify the surface of PMMA.

The result is a "self-healing technique", because catechins can provide multiple hydrogen bonding surfaces to form a hydrogen bonding network to repair damage points.