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The Whole Process Chain Environmental Quality Safety Control And The Quartet Strategic Cooperation
- Dec 22, 2017 -

The whole process chain environmental quality safety control and the quartet strategic cooperation


July 13, 2016 in the morning, basf polyurethane special products (China) co., LTD., Shanghai city environmental protection engineering co., LTD., Shanghai chemical building materials industry association and Shanghai jianke inspection (group) co., LTD., Shanghai construction science research institute co., LTD., hall successfully held "environmental quality control process plastic runway chain" exchange and strategic cooperation signing ceremony.

To increase the efficiency of the service, building common covering plastic runway raw materials production, construction, technical guidance, industry regulation and the examination of the whole chain accurate service mode, so as to promote the standardized development of plastic area, guarantee the physical and mental health of students contribute their strength.



"Four strategic cooperation" by basf, production control, all hk city technology controls, the Shanghai association of building standard controls, Shanghai jianke inspection control, giving full play to the advantages of their respective fields, to restore market confidence, and promote healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

Sifang joint statement: ensure materials are safe and environmental protection, to ensure the construction process is performed in strict accordance with the specification, to ensure that the material of proper legal and by using the party and the third witness party jointly sampling, to ensure that the material inspection is completely in accordance with the "school sports venues plastic surface harmful material set limit to" standard strictly enforced.

Since its occurrence, the scandal has caused wide public concern in the whole society, and has become a hot topic in social tea.

At present, it also coincides with the renovation cycle of the summer holiday season, and it is believed that schools and other institutions across the country are under great pressure.

As peers, all we can do is to be ourselves.

The main purpose of this cooperation is to solve the quality control of the plastic runway from the standard to the production, from the construction to the testing process, and actively maintain the healthy and healthy development of the industry.

Whether it's the industry, the government departments, or the general public, it's hard to believe that anyone who wants to hear the news about the toxic airstrips will be able to see the solutions.

And our cooperation today is to inform the public, tell the consumer, tell the user, the future children can be at ease in the campus sports ground happy run!