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National Standards Committee: The Standard Of Plastic Runway Will Be Implemented As Soon As Possible
- Dec 25, 2017 -

National standards committee: the standard of plastic runway will be implemented as soon as possible



In today's news agency on September 8, policies of the state council routine briefing, said Tian Shihong, director of the national standardization management committee, on the three standard revision of plastic runway more smoothly, will be enacted as soon as possible.

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Tian Shihong, according to standard of plastic runway, there are the primary and secondary schools sports equipment and place the composite runway level sports ground use requirements and test methods and other three standards, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, national standard joint committee of ministry of education, China petrochemical association and general administration of sports is to revise the three standards, revised progress more smoothly, revision of the standard committee of this a few opened the green channel, will be enacted as soon as possible after solicit opinions from the coordination of all parties.