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Future Development Trend Of Plastic Runway Industry
- Dec 27, 2017 -

Future development trend of plastic runway industry



Plastic runway sports flooring industry in China has more than 20 years of development, in recent years, frequent "runway" time, and had a lot of plastic runway sports flooring companies began to rethink the direction of future development.

For the development of plastic runway moving ground material production enterprise, if it is separated from the quality and the brand building, like the fish that lost water, will eventually die.

Therefore, the production enterprise should grasp the trend of the development of the future plastic runway movement and adjust the development strategy accordingly.



The sports ground of plastic runway, including plastic basketball courts, tennis courts and volleyball courts, is not limited to sports venues and schools.

More and more residential area, the national fitness plaza, enterprises and institutions, the building's roof also started to configuration, colorful plastic runway not only has the function of movement and colorful color is bearing the weight of the role of decoration.

These are all closely related to the quality of the plastic racetrack, which requires the attention of the plastic runway sports ground material manufacturers.

Of course, Rome was not built in a day, and the production of high-performance, environmentally friendly, high-quality plastic runways is not a day's work, but it must begin with the first step.

The strategic vision for the future industry must be forward-looking.

So what is the future of the plastic runway industry?



Develop the market with high quality high performance green solvent-free products

The market can not open, the most fundamental reason is still the advantage that the plastic runway sports ground material product quality.

Plastic runway sports flooring quality refers to both products (material) quality also contains within external form (shape), high quality plastic runway sports ground material must be both athletic performance and environmental performance.

According to the analysis of industry veteran, plastic runway sports flooring industry want to glory, should pay attention to the research and development of new materials, in order to meet the public higher demand on the properties of plastic runway sports ground material.

In production, we must choose the advanced production formula system and strictly control the quality.

In view of the particularity of the industry, the selection of raw materials suggest using solvent-free level, and use the assured brands of raw materials, in the source to ensure the quality of the material, the material production to the filling must be strictly controlled, to ensure the stability of the materials, substandard materials are strictly forbidden to leave the factory, self-discipline, from the source to create high quality material of the runway.

With high quality high performance green solvent-free material, it is possible to eliminate the construction personnel during the construction process, to facilitate the convenience of adding diluent, causing pollution.



Build a strong brand to demonstrate enterprise strength

It is widely believed in the industry that branding development is an important way to promote and sustainable development of plastic runway.

The content of the brand covers everything from the production to the packing service, but in the end it is the "comprehensive strength" of the enterprise, which must be paid full attention.

Secondly, the public pays more attention to the quality of products.

A good product must have a good brand;

Therefore, plastic runway sports ground material enterprises in the process of development to their products in the brand, let the brand drive effect, adhere to the "green, environmental protection, high-performance" development of the theme, to adapt to the development of plastic runway sports ground material market in the future.



Green and environmental-free plastic runway moving material is preferred

Although the standards of green products determined by countries around the world are different, they will be emphasized that the product should be conducive to human health and environmental protection.

According to the world health organization (WHO) white paper, more than 64 percent of the air in the air in the world's buildings, which contains more than 64 percent of the pollution, comes from coatings.

Therefore, solvent-free environmental protection, low VOC, net, the plastic runway sports ground material implementation of pollution-free green development direction is in accordance with the direction of the sustainable development of the social public interests and industry, reasonably, is imperative.


The "toxic runway" incident has pushed the safety and environmental problems of plastic runways to the forefront.

In the social public and the government, under the supervision of the future, have plastic runway requirements of customers in selecting plastic runway suppliers will focus on materials manufacturers in the production of green environmental protection without solvent plastic runway.