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Sports Wooden Floor Maintenance And Care Precautions
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Sports wood flooring is now more and more like the public, many people like to use it home improvement. However, compared with the tiles, solid wood flooring should pay more attention to conservation, in particular, probably more with a dry cloth scrub.

Sports flooring should be regular dust. Broom, rags, vacuum cleaners, etc., can play the role of dust removal. If using a rag, remove the dust from the mop, wring it out and wipe it off, open the window after scrubbing and dry the floor in time. Because of over-wet rags, mops, there will be water infiltration into the joints, hurt the floor, causing the floor tilt and deformation of the consequences.

In addition, after the pavement sports wooden flooring should try to cut the sun direct sunlight, so as to avoid paint too much UV light early cracked and aging. Paved flooring, such as long-term use, often need to open the window ventilation, avoid plastic sheets or newspapers covered. Do not throw burners such as cigarette butts or matches readily on the floor to avoid burning the floor surface. Avoid sharp, sharp items draw heavy items and heavy pressure for a long time. When moving on the floor, wear sports shoes, try to cut the entry of shoes and high heels to increase the service life of sports wood floor!