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Three Major Processing Issues For Plastic Runway Before Construction
- Feb 24, 2018 -

Three major processing issues for Plastic runway Before construction

1, From the shell foundation treatment

a, If the entire leveling layer should be peeled off, you need to completely clear, smooth again.

b, If only part of the stripping, just perfusion dedicated perfusion material can be.


2, From the sand foundation treatment

All clear the surface to re-pour concrete or plastic runway to build waterproof primer roll coating.


3, Local node processing and construction

a, Trench, root, corner treatment and construction:

Grooves are where stress is more concentrated and can easily detach from the substrate if not handled properly. Therefore, we should now coated with plastic runway waterproof primer, and then do a good job of reinforcement, construction, pay attention to the thickness to be uniform, so as not to cause the slope is too small when the liquid flow sluggish.

b, Hole handling and construction:

Pores larger than 20 cm in diameter should be painted in the hole after the primer, then coated with plastic; less than 20 cm holes with foam covered before construction.

c, Edge and closing the handling and construction:

For open edges and ends, a 1 cm wide groove 1-2 cm deep should be cut at the foundation of the closing head and constructed according to the construction of the expansion joint. Plastic construction, try to make the plastic layer slope. If the design requires metal edge strip can not cut the groove.