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What Quality Problems May Occur During Artificial Turf Production?
- Mar 05, 2018 -

Nowadays, artificial turf is not only used in outdoor places by its own advantages, but also applied in many indoor places. Therefore, when purchasing, the user should combine the specific use of the occasion, the use of the environment and personnel activities and activities to select the appropriate artificial turf products, making it more suitable for laying and application requirements.

      Due to the existence of more uncertain factors in the production process, some problems may occur in the process of manufacturing artificial turf. Do you know the common quality problems include mainly? First of all, if grass lawns grass luster is not enough, and very easy to produce static electricity after friction, it shows the existence of quality problems, hand feel will feel stagnant.

      Secondly, it is the use of a period of time, the artificial turf serious detritus, or more damaged, this situation is likely due to insufficient strength of the substrate or wear resistance caused by poor. In fact, the durability of the underlayers is one of the key issues we need to focus on when choosing a lawn. Otherwise, after a period of corrosion and aging, it will seriously affect the service life of the lawn.

       According to experience, if artificial turf appeared dehumidification phenomenon, then the main reasons include: grass bottom back scraping gum uneven, scraping gum process is not mature, poor wear resistance of grass and so on. If there is such a quality problem, then it may affect the athlete's health.

Another problem is that in the near future, artificial turf has seen a significant problem of fading. So it seems that the color of the entire artificial turf is uneven and there is a serious color difference. In fact, to ensure that each batch of grass thin and thick consistent, Yan Ze uniform, is a very test of the technical level of work, if the technology can not meet the requirements, then there will be color problems.

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