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Why Build A Stadium Choose Silicon PU? The Reason Is Simple!
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Because of professional

1, silicon PU materials for single-component water-based materials, direct water or diluted with special diluent can be! Safety and environmental protection!

2, the elastic layer of high rebound value, both to protect the athletes joints, reduce the risk of ligament injuries, but also improve the running speed of athletes and improve the competitive level!

3, a special surface - tough with hard, and have a certain coefficient of friction. It not only ensures athletes start quickly, move easily, but also make athletes have a down-to-earth sense of security!

Because durable

1, superior weatherability: silicon PU stadium will not be due to environmental changes such as ultraviolet light, ozone, rain and high and low temperature fading, chalking, hair stiff, soft and so on, and long-term to maintain its vivid colors. Under normal circumstances, five years does not change color, ten years do not change the flexible use of time!

2, superior wear resistance: silicon PU stadium can guarantee the appearance of structural features permanent and stable, good wear resistance, to meet the needs of long-term high frequency of use!

3, anti-fouling strong surface: Silicon PU stadium tough, dense, hard to be scratched soles or other hard objects, long-term maintenance of the stadium smooth as new!

Because of environmental protection

Joe master silicon PU stadium top indicators have reached the national interior decoration health standards, and has made environmental protection certificate. Products in the use and construction process, does not produce toxic and hazardous substances, is a real environmentally friendly products!

Because of the economy

Silicon PU stadium integrated use of low cost, without special maintenance, cleaning is easy, is the most cost-effective products! Adaptable, the thickness of optional 3mm-5mm.