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Why Should We Choose To Unfill Artificial Turf?
- Feb 25, 2018 -

Fill-free artificial turf that does not need to fill quartz sand and rubber particles, to avoid filling the tedious, increasing costs, the inconvenience of use and the resulting security uncertainties. Fill-free artificial turf artificial soccer lawn is a future development.


Complaints about rubber particles filled artificial turf lawns are not uncommon, and some say the smell is especially high temperature even worse, and some said that the shoes are a black ball after playing clothes, and some say the particles are too hard Feeling very poor kicker ... traditional football grass particles must be filled to maintain the grass upright, increase flexibility and reduce the chance of injury.


Rubber particles itself is no problem, but in the mixed market is inevitable that part of the bad practitioners, lust, using inferior low-cost materials shoddy, so that over the years, "poison runway", "poisonous lawn" repeatedly Exposure, despite repeated prohibitions, but behind this, I do not know how many children are hurt. Fill-free artificial turf of the development is based on safety, environmental protection, green-based, to give children a healthy environment for the growth of the sport.


In addition, domestic lawn pavement in the amount of particles filled there are some water, the normal amount of rubber particles filled with 6-8 kg / , but in practice does not sometimes meet this standard. Obviously, insufficient filling of rubber particles, too thin filling layer, making the lack of flexibility in the field, but also fail to protect the function, kicked even kicked when playing quartz sand situation. Fill-free artificial turf can perfectly avoid this link.


Simply speaking, artificial grass-free artificial turf filling, in fact, can not replace the traditional artificial grass filled with particles, it must increase the cushion section. The VIVATURF Fill-Free Soccer Ball System is a complete finished product that consists of a pad-free artificial turf + cushioning pad for direct pavement use.


One of the problems we have to face is that a good artificial turf and the general artificial turf and poor artificial turf, there are great differences in safety, service effect, service life. Weiteng avoid filling artificial turf system of artificial lawn, the end of cloth, Beijiao, seam cloth, glue, damping pads have every aspect of the special requirements of the industry as the most close to real grass football pitch artificial turf....