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Basketball Acrylic Court Coating

B asketball acrylic court coating Product Description of Basketball acrylic court coating: - Hard surface acrylic basketball court paint with thickness between 2.0-2.5mm - Wet pour on concrete or asphalt base - The installation method are main devided to scrape and spray - Hard surface tennis...

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Basketball acrylic court coating

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Product Description of Basketball acrylic court coating:

- Hard surface acrylic basketball court paint with thickness between 2.0-2.5mm

- Wet pour on concrete or asphalt base

- The installation method are main devided to scrape and spray

- Hard surface tennis court are main devided to 5 layers including coating 2 plus resurface 3

- Certificate of quality verification,China ecolabelling and ROHS.            

Advantage of basketball acrylic court coating:

High UV and weather resistance

Spike resistance even under constant load

Long life, permanent bond with base

Entire installation from one single partner,from the earthworks to the construction of the sub-base and finally the tennis court paint surface

Dedicated teams using state-of-the-art construction techniques install the right system professionally and on time

We cover the entire range of installation requirements,from all-weather surfaces for school sports areas to high-performance tennis court paint surfaces for competitions and tournament cost-effectively,efficiently and quickly

High-grip or nonslip tennis court paint surfaces. Consistent sports conditions, even under extreme temperatures and weather conditions. The surfaces are usable within minutes after a rain shower

Numerous design options, e.g. by using contrasting colors in selected areas without need for joints

Minimum care and maintenance requirements. After many years of use, repairs, revitalization or renovation are not complicated and are professionally performed  at a reasonable cost.


1)what is different from PVC ,Polyurethane, Acrylic and Silicon PU?

Silicon PU

It is new material for the sport surface. The structure is hard top and elastic bottom. It is One-component polyurethane, it is water-born material ,adding water and make it curing, it don’t need any hardener. It is no smell ,both for indoor and outdoor. Install on the concrete directly. The structure have buffer coat and top coat. Silicon PU is not only polyurethane mix with acrylic , or polyurethane with sand.with cushion effect.


As the surface are colorful and texture,Acrylic tennis court paint are designed material by ITF. But the surface of the acrylic is easy to have mark, fade ,come off. There is no elastic, it don’t protect the athletic.


It is two-component polyurethane,Polyurethane have elastic feature, in the market, it still have many client look for it, but under the sunshine, it have become soft, and stickiness, also have the bad smell. When install, it shall add the hardener, polyurethane is oily material, the surface have reflect light effect. Once install on the concrete, It will have bubble.


It is Roll pack. Only use indoor. it have the max width, in the contact part ,there are mark it is not safety for sport. hard effect flooring.

1)How to use our material ?

Open the barrel--mix the materials--pour on the floor--paint by roller or gal raker

2)Can we install by client?

Yes, it is very easy to install,we have installation picture for your refference.


Product case of Basketball acrylic court coating:

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Company profile

Guangzhou Sky sport facilities Co,Ltd was founded in 2004,is R&D company for a manufacturing and product in China that focus on the production of all kinds. Including sport court floor coating , athletics running track, EPDM playground and Artificial grass for sport and landscape.

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Our company often takes part in large and small domestic sporting goods fair, and we hope to have the opportunity to see you.

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