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Basketball Flooring Coating

SPU flooring coating Application Coating Thickness: 2-4 mm A pplication of SPU flooring coating: Outdoor court for basketball, badminton ball, volleyball, table tennis etc Features of SPU flooring coating : 1. Wearable, dense and elastic surface 2. Weather-proof, and anti-ultraviolet 3....

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SPU flooring coating

Application Coating Thickness: 2-4 mm

Application of SPU flooring coating: Outdoor court for basketball, badminton ball, volleyball, table tennis etc.

Features of SPU flooring coating 

1.      Wearable, dense and elastic surface

2.      Weather-proof, and anti-ultraviolet

3.      Waterproof and anti-slip

4.      Bright colors

5.      Easy application and economical in maintenance


Drawing View:

spu flooring coating429.png 

Application Method: 

1.  Surface Preparation: The baseplane should have strong enough strength( over C25), and surface flat, no honeycomb hole, fully dried, No-dust, No-powder. If the basement is wet , the waterproof working is necessary before applying the epoxy floor paint. Clean the surface completely.

2.  Apply primer as undercoat: Mix the primer according to proportion and blender it evenly, use roller to apply the whole surface one coating . Dosage: 0.2kg/M2

3.  Apply Coarse Putty As Middle coating: Mix the Middle coating according to proportion and blender it evenly, and then put  moderate 100 mesh quartz sand and 250 mesh quartz powder , then  apply one coating by use of scrape coating method. Dosage:0.3kg/M2

4.  Apply the Finish Paint as topcoat: Mix the finish paint as per the proportion, blender it evenly, and apply it one coating by use of roller, Dosage : 0.2kg/M2

Spu flooring coating tools:

spu flooring coating1368.png 

Our production:

SKY Sports Products includes the following:

1, acrylic court surface

2, acrylic hard court tennis

3, Silicon PU basketball court

4, Synthetic Track

5, Artificial grass

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We supply sports flooring material products all over the globe to a wide range of government worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to public place of entertainment.


We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in CE, ROHS, SGS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.

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