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Acrylic Tennis Court

acrylic tennis court Content of acrylic tennis court 1. Surface Preparation 2. Required Materials Multi-layer The materials used for acrylic tennis court for Concrete Substrate are as follows: Primer Level Master Coating Line Paint Many colors to choose 3. Application of Primer It is suggested...

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acrylic tennis court

Content of acrylic tennis court

1. Surface Preparation 

2. Required Materials 


  The materials used for acrylic tennis court for Concrete Substrate are as follows:


  Level Master 


  Line Paint

  Many colors to choose

3. Application of Primer

It is suggested to apply only 1 coat of Primer. 

The undiluted coverage rate is approximately 0.15kgs per square meter, per coat. 

The practical quantity depends on the smoothness of the surface.

4. Application of Level Master

It is suggested to apply minimum 2 coats of Level Master. 

The undiluted coverage rate is approximately 0.25kgs per square meter, per coat. 

The practical quantity depends on the smoothness of the surface and the different sizes of the added sand. 

5. Application of Coat

It is suggested to apply 3 times of Coat. The previous two coats is incorporated with sand (texture coat), the third coat can be applied directly (finish coat). The undiluted coverage rate for the texture coat is approximately added with sand: 0.2kgs per square meter, per coat, added with   Base: 0.096kgs per square meter, per coat, while the undiluted coverage rate for the finish coat is approximately 0.15kgs per square meter, per coat. 

The practical quantity depends on the different sizes of the added sand. 

6. Application of Line Paint

It is suggested to apply 1 coat of Line Paint. 

Approximately 3.75kgs is needed for a standard tennis court.


plastic bucket for base material

iron bucket for level master

7. Completion

Courts can only be put into use after 24 hours when the work comes to an end. 

Upon completion, the constructor shall insure proper removal of all construction debris, surplus materials, empty containers and wash water, and shall leave the site in a condition acceptable to the owners. 

The court is to be left secure so as to prevent vandalism

acrylic tennis court1899.png 

acrylic tennis court1903.png 

Our product

SKY Sports Products includes the following:

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Our service

Besides selling products, SKY Sports also can provide sports courts drawing free for you according to your field. We have much installation service, for guideline and videos for you and our professional installation team for years. After using our products, we can show u how to maintain the product in good condition.


We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in CE, ROHS, SGS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.

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